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steve s
Is marijauna benifitual for sleep or pain?

Tylerâ„¢ Has Returned
its only good if you want to be a dumb person

Marijuana is very beneficial for many types of pain..cramps, back, and leg. It can also be highly useful for nausea, and migraines.. It can make some people relaxed, so sleep could come faster...but others go through a paranoid stage which lasts a short time...so, I would say it is a YES for pain, and ? for sleep.

Marijuana is beneficial in causing Schizophrenia as twenty five percent of known cases of Schizophrenia in the United Kingdom have been directly linked to the use of Marijuana.

Yep, both; Don't get caught though! *L*

marijauna is illegal

I agree...it's helped me a number of times.

yes its great for both and not addictive like the opiates for pain and sleep aids doctors give you and thats a fact nor does it damage the brain, however I recomend you doing a search and gather up all the facts and decide for yourself.
and I will back up my statements with links

yes it does help with sleep and some types of pain but not severe pain. It will also lower your Blood pressure. and no you wont go crazy, believe me, i have over 30 years of research to back that up.

still a hippie

Spade, Sam Spade
Depends. For most people it's beneficial for both pain and sleep. Contrary to what a lot of people think there really are some side effects. Rare though. If you have it together mentally then go for it.

Actually, Marijuana makes a person more creative, too. It depends on the individual. Like if you are adhd, your head will suddenly swarm with all this activity. It's a great unblocking agent for adhd artists. Have a masters degree and have been published in the photographic, visual and written arts.

Yes, it can make you drowsy, yes, it can take one's mind off pain. There are cases in which either could be called beneficial. But schizophrenia not the only possible negative side effect; marijuana does destroy brain cells. A dependency can easily develop -- not a physical addiction like alcohol or tobacco but very powerful in a subtle way. We used to say it's better to have dope and no money than money and no dope. There are safer ways to cope with sleeplessness, and more effective ways for pain.

Yes! Besides the obvious,it is also good for sleep pattern disturbances and mild pain.We used it in the hospital,mostly for nausea,but,patients reported sleeping better.I've been smoking for 40 years and it helps.If you cant't smoke,brownies or a tea helps.

Amy J
Maijuana is beneficial to brownies.

Just drink a bottle or two of vodka and you'll sleep and forget about pain.
Why do I have a feeling you are looking for an excuse to get stoned?...

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