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Is it safe to take mineral oil on a daily basis as a laxative?
How safe is it if it is derived from petroleum? Is it toxic to the body?

No, it will drain your oil soluable vitamins, ie., E and A.
Eat more fiber ie, an apple a day.

nothing is ever good for the body if taken daily as a laxative...

the body difgestive muscles inside would rapidly slacken with the amount of laxative effects and you would end up with a lot of pain/wind and some "accidents"

its best to only take a laxative every now and then, but never daily, that way your body is not used to the medication

Julie K
I think you need to check with a doctor before continuing the mineral oil it may cause serious Health problems

I don't think any laxative is safe for everyday use. They're only made for occassional use.

Laxatives everyday causes dehydration and from dehydration u can die, i had this experience before with over using laxatives has a weigth loss method the only thing that the laxatives got me is a visit to the emergency room, u migth want to try other safer methods, and do some more research before u put anything in ur body.

if you wanna die

No - it blocks absorption of the nutrients. Better to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies.

Violet Pearl
No, it's not safe to take any type of laxative on a daily basis. Just drink more water and take more fiber-- psyllium mixed in a glass of water is the best.

i dont think so but you might want to get laxative

my son took it for a couple of years for softer bowel movements when he was little,so it must be safe.thats what the baby dr. told me to give him

I would not want it in my body.
Maybe it is not toxic (depends on what product you are taking, petroleum means a lot of different things). But if it is "inert" that's not much better. I would be afraid it clogs the system. The problem is that it can not be metabolized by the body. So the body does not have an easy way to remove it.

Instead of such a laxative eat fibers. Enrich your food with veggies, fruit and real whole grain bread and cereal and rice etc. Or - if this is not enough - Metamucil is excellent.

Petroleum products do not belong inside the body

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