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Is it safe to drink two different types of tea a day?
theyre both natural teas

Is it safe to eat two different types of food a day? Of course.

tara b
tea is good for you. drink as much as ya want.

Interesting question, the answer is obviously yes, unless you know something that you aren't sharing.

hello, all teas are good for you. Drink all you like. priscilla

Robert P
YES!! i drink GREEN, BLACK and OOLONG tea everyday..

Janet C
Of course. It isn't a problem unless you are drinking medicinal teas, then I would check to see if there are any contraindications on the labels of the teas. Usually they will tell you if there are. Remember, just because they're herbal, it doesn't mean that they can't be dangerous under the right conditions. It is wise to have asked this question. It tells me that you have some reservations and I would suggest that maybe you listen to your own intuition here if they are medicinal herbs like goldenseal and yarrow.

I'd be interested to know if they are medicinal teas. Thanks for asking the question and I hope this answers it.

Common Sense
One, Two, Three, Four....
However many you want...

Yes. Natural Tea is good for you. You can drink as much as you want.

Yes it is safe :)

No. Drinking two types of tea in any 24 hour period could cause someone to ask stupid questions and not be considerate enough to give a best answer to people that are obviously trying to be helpful to an freaking moron.

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