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Ginny Jin
Is it safe to allow someone to stand on your back?
I'm asking this in the context of massage therapy and tension relief. If not, what are the best methods for someone who can't afford to see a sports therapist or pysiotherapist.
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Sorry should that be physiotherapist. I can never spell words like that correctly. x

Doobie B
I walk on people's backs all the time

lourdes r
it is not adviseable to let someone stand on your back particularly if he/she is heavy in weight. it might cause for your spinal column to break and it will be a serious condition if it happens

Derek S
Just depends on the person i don't let anybody walk on my back because i got hurt doing that one day

But it seems to help alot of ppl too

Dan H
I've been walking on my wife's back, for years. But, it is important to find out if there are any underlying problems that cause the "need" to have somebody walk on the back. If it is a slipped disc, or other physical issue, it is very possible that walking or standing on the back may make the problem worse.

Nothing beats a professional diagnosis.

Use caution, but if having somebody step on the back seems to relieve pain then carry on.

yes it is honey:{ btw i love it

Well your back wasn't for people to walk on, so I would say no don't do it, you should keep fit by swimming, or weight lifting, light weight or the likes, but you can easily get a cracked rib with this method.

really depend on how much weight they are poping bones back in place is fine but really it should be done by a ciro

Ian H
I don't think the idea of someone walking on my back would be on my list of things to recieve for relaxation.

I'm a sports massage therapist and I certainly would not walk on ANY of my clients backs. ever.

You average back massage will cost you about £25 and if you realy want you should buy a book on it, and give it to your partner to teach him/her how it's done.

have ordinary massage it may help no never let any one stand on yr back

The Professor
Just be careful and you should be fine. And also SkepDoc should stick to something he actually knows something about. After he spends 4 years in chriropractic or osteopathic college then I would listen to him.

W Tam SP
Hi yes if u support them Hugs

Praanaayaama and yogic exercises.
Follow Astha channel at 5 a.m.OR
7.30 p.m.

yea it is safe. one time my mom had to step on my back to stap it back into place. i didn't hurt abit because there was a loud stapping sound. but after that my back was fine.

She It I do
Yes if they are of the proper weight and know how to stand naked foot on your back
.. .. ..
If not stay away form them the pounds per square inch of weight can be quite bearing on a critical part of the back
.. .. .. ..
Which has the life line of communication being carried along a flexible bone tube
.. .. ..

Perfectly safe as long as you are not extremely heavy.

Champagne 3 suspended again !
Perfectly safe. Ive been walking over my boyfriends back in stilletto's for years....

When my daughter was younger i used to hold her hands while she walked on my dads back (he had really bad backache) 20 mins later he said his back felter better. I have seen adults walk on other adults backs but they are supported.

SkepDoc 2.0
Generally it is safe, and this is a long standing type of massage
Use common sense, a 400 lb person shouldn't be walking on a 100 lb persons back. The danger of this is not to the spine however, it is very strong, the danger is to the internal organs or the ribs.

Contrary to popular belief, and nonsense promoted by chiropractors and osteopaths, it is physically impossible to put someones spine either out of, or into alignment by manipulating the back. The forces needed are much greater than humans can produce on their own.

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