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Is it ok to take Acid if you have ADHD?
Im also on adderal. I wondering if there will be any serious side effects? I wont be taking the adderal on the day I do it.

Dont answer with "You shouldnt do it" "dont do it".... Ive already reserched it and I know the risks
Additional Details
I am healthy, I do alot of weed and shrooms and have never had a negitive effect, Im only planning on taking one hit.

hmm.... well it could possibly help your condition or worsen it. people used to use acid for health reasons so im not sure. but just to warn you: do not do it over three times or you are legally insane and the court can actually put you in the psycho house hah.

It is never alright to take acid, what a stupid question.

The reason you have to ask this question is that there has not been any research into any illegal drugs and their interaction with prescription medications. So the result will be unpredictable and unknown - no matter what anyone on Y answers tells you.

If you think you've researched it and know the risks, then you will have already considered brain damage and possible death as acceptable?

Rum Stem
Yeah it is okay those drugs (LSD and Adderal) won't even interact as long as you only take the recommended dose of Adderal.

Jinx Roseâ„¢

Try L.S.D.

Dude, it's a trippp.

It is never a good idea to combine Adderal with anything so I would just not take you meds the day you wanna trip.

The last time I tripped, it took me three days to come down. It was NOT a good trip, so my friend had to stay with me the entire time to make sure I did not jump out my window. I had tripped many times before that, all were OK, but none the less still quite scary. Mind you, this was WAY back when LSD was CLEAN and PURE - not at all like what you get now. Being unable to control what you see or hear might SEEM "cool", but you never know exactly how you will be able to handle it. Because I have experience with this drug (among many others) AND I did NOT have any known disorders, so I was never on daily prescribed drugs, I can safely say - - I DO NOT recommend playing with ANY hallucinogens, and I especially DO NOT recommend playing with IF you ALSO are taking ANY other drug.

NO, you do NOT know ALL the risks - all you know, is what has been reported or studied in clinical settings. Mixing drugs is never ever a good or smart thing to do, and if you are as smart as you think you are, you would KNOW that, and would not be here asking anybody anything. I SO much hate it when people tell us how to answer questions......

Caitlin M
okay seriously, dude, you don't take illegal drugs ever, even if you have some kind of illness, nothing makes stuff like that okay to take, which is pretty much common sense.

Az R
In a healthy person, use of acid eventually leads to chronic mental problems, intractable depression and memory problems. The data on people with existing mental illness shows that it -severely- aggravates it in most cases, and eventually compounds it with other problems.

These is a severely unpleasant drug with long term neurological damage associated with its use, and one that health people can only tolerate a few uses of before producing a lifetime of unpleasantness.

You think that taking any kind of drugs AND saying you are healthy are 2 things that are compatible ?? No way!
You already have a medical problem why worsen it by taking unhealthy stuff. No wonder you have an attention problem. Anyone taking drugs has that problem so why risk worse. These drugs (no difference, in the long run, between soft and hard drugs because you'll be an addict if you aren't one already) will only end up frying your brains. And saying you'll only take one... hm, hm, hm...that's what all drug addicts said the first time they wanted to go on a trip...
Try to lead a healthier life and your ADHD will, with time, probably lessen or even disappear.
If you REALLY researched this and know the risks...why post a question? Unless the answer goes your way, you won't listen to down to earth advice anyway. What a pity. Life's too short to use and abuse it.

The Antichrist--Angel of Despair
If you've researched it, you KNOW the answer.

You'll probably have a crazy trip without your meds for reals. You can thank your brain for this since it's not able to concentrate for too long. Just don't be alone and be careful.

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