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Is it legal to fill the same prescription from two different physicians?

No, it's not legal. Not sure how you'd pull it off, either, since the pharmacy. keeps the Rx you give them.


hand them both to the same pharmacist at the same time and see what he does.

sounds like you may be physician shopping.

are these prescriptions for antibiotics or blood pressure medicine or for a drug with street value?

it depends -

if the two doctors did not know about each other, it could be. especially if the prescription is for a controlled substance like pain killers.

depends... if youre actively out seeing different doctors to get something addictive like pain pills, then yes it is its called "doctor shopping." if you have a couple refills left on something and get a new script from a different doctor or you didnt realize the 2 docs gave you the same script then youre fine

and if youre doctor shopping pharmacists arent stupid, some are too lazy to report it but theyre not stupid. you can try the "go to different pharmacies and pay cash" thing so your insurance company but that's what everybody whos addicted to something does so a red flag comes up in my head anytime somebody is coming in constantly, wanting to pay cash and all they get are narcotics

not legal no... but many people do it with narcotics.

Diamond in the Rough
Not illegal......just inappropriate


Depends where your at and what the drugs are. Class 1 drugs are going to get you introduced to a cell mate regardless of where your at. (US) Others types of drugs will vary by state. Go ahead and see if it ends up with you being a bride at a jail house wedding.

Chuck & Christy N
yes and you can get into deep sh!t

no no no no

golden rider
Not unless you are planning to sell them. That's illegal.

Well you got 2 Prescriptions so it is not but it is not ethical. Plus you probably are a Addict. Get help.

I'm a nurse. No I think you know the answer to that.

Nazeeh Akari
Why not, if you change doctors, and the new one give same prescription!

go to two different pharmacys and pay at least one with cash.

President of Bamma Fan Club
Prez say this doesnt sound too legal. Prez say insurance will catch you if you go through insurance. Prez say cops catch you. Prez say you be careful. Prez say all systems connect and will see you already have prescription. Prez say doctors talk to each other through charts. Prez say don't try it. Prez say not a good idea. Prez better know.

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