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Is eating yogurt at night helpful for sleeping?

According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some examples of foods that can help ease you to sleep:
1 - That Thanksgiving turkey we all wolf down is famous for making us want to nap. The reason is that it is full of Tryptophan, an amino acid that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin, both of which induce sleep. Mom was right on the mark with that warm milk before bedtime. Dairy foods are another good source of trytophan as well as peanuts, bananas, oats and poultry.
2 - Mayo also recommends eating a light bedtime snack that is mostly carbohydrate with a small amount of protein, as that combination is thought to increase the availability of trytophan to your brain.

Here are some examples they give of beneficial bedtime eats:
(A) Small bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk
(B) Granola sprinkled yogurt
(C) Crackers with peanut butter, cheese or a slice of turkey on top
(D) A sliced apple and 1 ounce of cheese

To be sure of good night’s sleep, AVOID these foods like the plague!
Caffeine, alcohol (Frat house stupor not included), spicy foods and too much liquid without eating any solid food right before going to sleep.

yona y
Each person is difference.
Some one eats yogurt work, but some one not...
If you need to have a deep sleep, after 4:00pm you must not drink coffee anymore.
OR you can try to get an Acupuncture treatment that can help you to have a good sleep. And no need to take any drugs/medicine...

not at all.yogurt has nothing to do with sleep pattern.

yes, it has the same amino acid, triptophan, that turkey has in it. Bananas do also.

I don't know about yogurt but I do know however about a wonderful all natural product that helps with any ailment you may have. I have noticed dramatic increases in sleep and many other things since taking this product. good luck it works!

Andy Pandy
Yes, washed down with wisky it works a treat.

newly wed1
Yogurt has natural bacterias in it that effect your intestines and helps digestion and yeast infections. If you are having trouble sleeping try Natural Melatonin 5mg, which works with your natural sleep cycle or a tea called Calming tea by I think "Yogi Teas" It will help relax you in order to promote the calmness you need to sleep.

I'm glad this question was asked as I have terrible trouble sleeping. I'm sorry I have no further tips to add. I've tried bananas and hot milk but never yoghurt or peanuts or turkey even. It all sounds a lot better than sleeping pills. Thanks for all the tips.

My opinion yes yogurt is good before bedtime.

I haven't heard of that but calcium (which is in dairy) is very good for relaxation, in fact taking a calcium supplement would help also (with magnesium at night, but separate capsules).
I have heard lettuce is also good for sleeping.

But the best sleep aid I have tried & works for me is doing lots of activity during the day, jogging, work-out anything to get endorphins in the blood system & also make you get rid of excess nervous energy. I get so knocked out & tired that I just drop off to sleep without even trying!

Well eating anything with protein in it before bed can help you sleep by keeping you full at night and lowering the chances you'll wake up with a grumbling tummy. Yogurt could be particularly helpful because there is a lot of tryptophan in it, which makes you sleepy. It works along the same vein as drinking a warm glass of milk before bed. Good luck, and sweet dreams.

Yes it is. If you take this with any cereals meal it impact much and will get sleep quickly. But not sure what is the scientific reason for his.

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