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My Daughter Jessa Is Having Her Injections On Friday, I'm A Bit Worried She Might Be Scared About Things What Can I Do

give her some crack to ease the pain

Use more capital letters inappropriately in every sentence therefore rendering the reader confused. That's what I would do. ok matt

Roachy 2,
How old is she??

Well as someone who regularly injects children please PREPARE her for the injection. Tell her what's going to happen and tell her it will hurt, and promise a reward.
Unlike the mum I had last week who told her daughter aged 8 that she was not having an injection. It took 30 minutes of my precious time to calm the hysterical child down and who also had to be physically held down by two people while I injected her. She is now, I am sure, needle phobic thanks to her silly mum.

try to be honest with her.

there's no point saying it will all be fine and won't hurt, and you also don't want to really scare her.
tell her that it will sting a little bit but it will be over in seconds. tell her that by having them she is protected from much worse diseases that are a lot more worrying.
you haven't mentioned how old she is but she may like your support, although if she's a teenager than she may want her mates with her instead.

Not panic

she will feel your fear if you are worried and will start fretting herself. Best to be calm, can you take your mum with you for a little more support?

Promise her a visit to her favourite shop for a treat afterwards... always worked for me as a kid, I would be thinking so much about what toy car kit I would be getting I completely forgot about the Dr, Dentist etc.

As long as you act confident and you don't show any fear she will be OK .She will probably cry at the time but they soon forget it .As long as you don't make a big thing out of it she won't.

Emma XxX
I would tell her the truth.
But tell her if she is very brave you will give her a treat ( doesn't have to be something expensive)
Also tell her all children have them, you yourself has had a injection at one.
Don't make her fretful about it as you will have a inconsolable child before you get there.

Good luck anyway

If you look worried then she will be worried. So stay upbeat and talk about all the positive reasons she is having these shots. It's not that sore and is over in seconds. Distract her while it's happening and bring a few sweets and treats with you. Give her a big cuddle afterwards and reassure her that none of those nasty bugs can get to her now, because she has the POWER to fight them.

Edit: For goodness sake Minerva, what on earth were you thinking giving an injection to a child who was so hysterical she had to be held down. If she's needle phobic now it's because you gave it to her at all. An appointment for another day would have been a much better idea and would have given the mum time to prepare her.

My Mum:
"All the children that come in to get an injection that haven't been talked to about it, by their parents, are normally the ones that are screaming, kicking and running out the room. The children that have been talked to and explained why they need it just sit there like a little fairy or pixie!

Sit your daughter down and talk her through WHY she needs it, like how it will help her live a happy, healthy life and she won't catch any diseases!"

I hope my Mum has helped!

Lydia :)
Pinch her unexpectedly. She will probably say ow, tell her thats what the needle feels like. Tell her the big part just makes you feel scared, the needle itself is only tiny.

Good Luck x

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