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If I eat marijuana will i pass a pee test?
I heard that if you eat marijuana instead of smoking it u wil pass a pee test. Is this true

Peaceful Warlord
idk, but can u get high like that?

eugene b
u may pass the pee test but wont pass the brain test or lung test.its more additave than cigarettes. The marijuana grown today contain God knows what ! f u dont smoke it or eat it u will pass all tests.

Lol No Its Not True,And Why Eat It?
It Wont Work Unless U Exract The THC
You may do so by burning it cooking it in a spoon with oil,or what the hell smoke it either way your pee will be dirty,,, just take some other herbs and some water
or use ur friends piss

Dude, you actually "eat" that stuff?!

Uhm, yes, it could affect a urine test making it come out with false results.

Please stop eating marijuana and do not even think about smoking it. Please and thanks.

Doubt it since things you eat still go into your bloodstream, urine, etc.
If you ate it right before the test you might pass because your body hasn't had a chance to start breaking it down yet.

No you will not. How long until your test? You might have plenty of time to smoke it.

Maybe, you definitely pass the idiot test if you do this.

Why would you want marijuana anyways??

Anna E
Okay, I don't know why people think its absurd to eat marijuana (at least any more ridiculous than smoking it). Of course you can eat it- its one of the main forms of ingesting it (so people stop pretending to know what you're talking about). However, that being said, the thc still enters your system, and thus also exits (showing in a urine test). There's no real way to fake a negative on drug tests (think about it- it would be all over the internet if there were). If you're asking because of a job that requires it, or you're on probation of some sort that requires it, don't risk it.

For more useful information on the subject, if you're interested, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marijuana

No you cannot pass the test still.
It does not matter what what method you use to tkae in that drug(e.g. smoking, eating), it will still flow within your system.
When it is in your system, then normally traces of the drug would show up on your urine

when you smoke it, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream by your lungs.
if ate it, it would probably get absorbed into your bloodstream by your small intestine.

if you want to know more, check the link below for cannabis drug testing.
it might help, it might not.

no its still on your system.

No.... No you will not.

um, dont the substances going through your digestive system make it to your bladder more easily than something in your bloodstream.

Nope. It's still in your system. Takes a month or two sometimes to get fully rid of it.

MICHAEL and wendy
Eating it goes right into your system you will not pass

Joshua &gt;AM<

The Un-Cola
No it is not true.

Not true !! do not believe everything you hear.

King Leonidas
NO, The T.H.C. will still be found in your system

that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Weed is weed my friend, doesn't matter how you get it in your body, it will def be positive.


Li Tho
NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL FAIL!!!!!!!!

no you will flunk big time

False. UA tests work by detecting metabolites of THC. If you ingest enough marijuana by any means, your body will metabolize it and you will fail the UA.

Where did you hear that? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work.

No way! Sorry - you'll get busted real quick! Eating it affects you worse than smoking it!

Crystal Violet
It doesn't matter how it gets in your bloodstream it comes out the same way.

It gets metabolized by your liver, and excreted in waste. ie. urine.

No. It's still going in you and will be absorbed through your bloodstream. By the way eating it makes it more effective so be warned and don't eat too much!

Still in your system! I would say NO.

You might not pass your pee test because you're still digesting the weed. It doesn't stay in your blood stream as long as smoking it but you will see traces of it for at least a week.

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