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anthony m
I need to know a way to completely clean my urine of opiates?

drinking tons and tons of water usually flushes out your system

just tell them you like poppy seeds!

Don't use opiates (or eat poppy seeds).

Aside from that, you can get an at home test (or two, or three) to see if you're already clean. If not, try some of the same-day cleansers. If you self test and you're positive, try some of these remedies (Crisis Capsules or Duz'z It body cleanser, etc.) then test again to see if it really works for you. If it does, use the same remedy the day of your actual test.

don't use opiates, simple as that.

opiates leave your body quickly as long as you arent morbidly obese. just don't do anything for a week and you should be ok.

The Doctor of Stuff
one thing you could try. shite and fall back in it. that is the only thing that you can be sure of. opiate based medications can remain in your system for weeks. if you don't have a prescription you are pretty much screwed

Its called XXXtra Clean. Google it. Hope you have enough time before the pee test. Oh, but if they test your hair you are screwed. Even your pubies will rat you out.

Simple... Don't use them.
Or sneaklily use the urine of some friend (if you still have them).

Don't do them in the first place........time will cleanse your system!

I think i might have answered a question for you earlier...

But dude the only thing you can do is drink a lot of water. There are some pills and drinks you can take to mask your urine but I think drug tests can detect those as well. Another popular trick is to drink vinegar, which makes your urine too acidic to test. I would just drink a lot of water (and don't do any more drugs) if you have 3 days.

Those "miracle detox shakes" are very unreliable. I hope this is not for a court or anything. If by "opiates" you mean Tyenol 3, then I would explain it. Otherwise you need to stop my friend.

cranberry juice

quit using opiates

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