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Corso Lover!
I need some kind of over the counter medication for energy?
i have NO energy what so ever! I have two children, one is 3 years and the other is 5 months old. I feel drained and like i am close to death! Is there any kind of over the counter safe medication that will give me the energy i need to get through the day with my kids. i have tried energy drinks and that makes is worse. I drink them and feel fine for about an hour then i crash big time. I want something that will last all day

two little ones and no energy sounds about right.LOL Seriously, make sure that you are getting a nap during the day if you can and take a good multi vitamin. Eat decent meals, low on fats( an energy drainer) and high in fruit and veggies. With a fairly new baby and the 3 year old, tired is sort of the way it is right now. The energy drinks are expensive and just caffeine anyway. If they worked at all I would try a nice cup of coffee in the morning with your breakfast and then in about 2-3 hours another, maybe one after a nap or rest time.That way you space out the caffeine and your energy should not just drop. Also, none later to make sure you sleep at night as much as you can. Just as a side note, if you are depressed, it will cause the same thing and you might keep that in mind for another doctor visit. Also, take a B complex supplement to help with energy and depression. your adrenal glands could be maxed out from stress and childbirth, etc. It can't hurt anyway. B complex can be taken along with the daily vitamin but take with food, it will aid absorption. Good luck and squeeze those babies for me!

Dominic M
5 hour energy shots. These things only have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but the vitamins and supplements keep you going for 5 hours with a caffeine crash.

There's not much that actually helps besides rest, a good diet and exercise.
All of those drinks and pills are nothing but caffeine and sugar.

Try a vitamin drink like a V8. Get nutritional health and the energy will come naturally.

vitamin b or go to the gas station and get you a drink that is called a rockstar get the orange one it is great and it is full of vitamins!

Susan Yarrawonga
A women's energy multivitamin every day might help. They contain extra B vitamins for energy and are specifically designed for women.

Ben Wa
You could have low blood sugar.......

Bret C
try proplus =)

I dont know if it would work for you, but i thave take algae supplements. More energy was an extra, as i started it to get better nutrition. I have taken spirulina and some others. Right now, i am taking a combo that has 4 algaes together- algae Nutrio.

Many doctors would prescribe B-12 injections in this situation. Now, you can buy B-12 readily enough. However, buy a product that is taken sublingually.

Also, buy a quality brand. NutritionalTree.com does not sell products but does review brands--I would start here: http://www.nutritionaltree.com/reviews/vitamins/vitamin-b-12/default.aspx

anything with b vitamins will give you a nice lift. emergen-c packet mixed in water or juice works well, and is convenient. theres no "quick fix" though, try and watch your diet, avoid excess caffeine and sugar, as well as junk food. there could be an underlying medical condition (thyroid problem, anemia, etc), so maybe a blood test would rule that in or out. i was recently diagnosed as anemic, and was always tired. im just starting to feel a bit better. as far as the little ones, maybe finding someone to take them for even an hour or so a day, so you can have time to yourself? best of luck.

You may need to consider the underlying issue. It could be that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or hypothyroid. Here is a website to check symptoms:
If adrenal then Adrenal Cortex Extract will make a large difference.

You could also be low of B vitamins, they are very relative to your energy levels. Try a B 100 complex 2 x a day (not too close to bedtime though) and that should make a noticable difference.

It may also be more what you need to cut out of your diet then what you need to add. If you are using caffiene and sugars regularly, cut them out. Many people think they give them energy, but in reality they deplete your energy long term. You get a boost and a crash. Then, people think they NEED the caffeine and sugar when they crash and continue the cycle. It will take several days to straighten it back out.

Also, if you are doing a high carb breakfast - or no breakfast - that is an issue you need to address. The body needs fuel to have energy. Complex carbs with lots of fiber, and added protein are the best way to start your day and give yourself an energy reserve that will last. Never start the day without food. Would you take the car out on the street withouth gas? Avoid refined sugars at breakfast, natural sugars are best - honey, molasses, turbinado - all of those will give you nutrients that help your body run. Stevia is the best sugar alternative.

DO NOT substitute artificial sweeteners for refined sugar, they are worse for your body and energy levels. Watch labels of your foods and don't let them anywhere near. Also, cut out all high fructose corn syrup too. It is a Enemy of the Body #1/.

Yeah, taking a nap or an energy/caffeine drink are a nice idea, but with 2 little kids, a nap is out of the question most days and energy/caffeine drinks will just give you too much energy, then make you crash in a few hours... not to mention how bad that is for your body on a daily basis.
There are several natural alternatives that safely give you more energy and are very beneficial overall. The most popular energy boosters are B-12, Royal Jelly (and other bee-based products), L-Carnitine, Ribose, Ginseng, Guarana and Green Tea (both are natural sources of caffeine).

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