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I need natural allergy help,I cant breathe and antihistamines only work for about an hour.?
I cant breathe. My head hurts .As I was driving my son to work I felt like I was drowning as my head filled with mucus.I have taken antihistamines and they only work for a very short period of time.I cant eat them like candy.I have tryed singular and it did not help.It really bad every time I go outside it gets worse.I will do anything. I am desperate.Cayenne has helped some,oregano oil has helped some but Its not enough.i will snort,eat. or submerge myself in anything I can to get better.I will meditate.Seriously I need some ideas.Yes I have been to the doctor he is the one that said to take singular and antihistamines not together though.Any advice would be appreciated.Thankyou This is making me miserable and causing me to miss work because of all the headaches and sinus congestion. I have to blow my nose alot.

I'd rather c a doctor and explain everything to him than let people guess on my health

From the book, the Reader's Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine, page 27, one can read the following in avoiding an allergen:

1) Check food labels
Choose fresh, unprocessed foods. If you suspect food additives, read labels carefully and avoid those additives as far as you can.

2) Choose household products with care
When using detergents, particularly biological detergents, take extra care. Rinse your washing thoroughly. Wear rubber gloves when using household cleaners or chemicals. Keep notes of what you use, and a process of elimination may help.

3) Vacuum frequently
To get rid of dust mites and prevent a build up of animal hairs, vacuum daily.

4) Change your garden
Few people are driven to such desperate lengths, but if your hay fever is really troublesome you could try paving over the lawn and growing non-flowering foliage plants.

If your efforts to avoid or eliminate the allergen have failed or are unpracticable, the solution is to treat the symptoms. Remember that most allergens are in themselves harmless. It is your body's abnormal response, not the allergen, that does the damage, so coming into contact with the offending substance will not hurt you as long as you can control your reaction to it.

Other alternative treatments:
1) Ionization
An ionizing machine artificially produces negatively charged particles of air (ions) which are found naturally by running water, near the coast and in pure mountain air. Ionization may help in symptoms such as asthma and hay fever.
2) Hypnotheraphy
Just how hypnotheraphy works to counter allergies is hard to define but sufferers have successfully used stress reduction and desensitization techniques to alleviate , or even entirely remove, allergic conditions such asthma and eczema.

I suggest you choose a hypnotherapist who have medical training or background. Good luck.

You have a problem in your life that gives you a defensive attittude , sometimes you feel you are a victim and may be you feel you want your revenge ... mostly it is related to your intimate life.

Avoid milk, cheese and all kind of diary products totally and you will soon notice the difference.

Drink (winter thym) as a tea-leaf infusion twice per day

Fresh ginger as tea in a small cup is a very good but take care if you have a high blood pressure.

Try the Somalian or arabic gum (the Myrrh): the best is the dark one as if there is sand on it .. put a small amount (like a cherry) in a glass of water for few hours then drink it: it tastes very bitter but it has excellent results: i used it myself. You can use it up to four weeks. You can even put it in your mouth like a drops ........ It works like magic!

Eat all kind of green vegetables put a little white pepper over the salad, lettuce, boiled broccoli (excellent) , persil, rocca leaves everyday, (french: oigons, ail .... radis with their leaves and a little honey)
a small sesame oil is good and can calm .

Wash you nose with warm water and sea salt two or three times a day.
And think about your life ....what makes you having a reactionary position that you are not allowing yourself to accept mostly related to family issues, if your headache is frontal there is a professional aspect involved too !
Indulge yourself ............... and drink plenty of water !

why don't you try a nettie pot? flushing out the "allergen" will help, (pollen, dust, whatever)

Natural B
For breathing problem breathing exercise is the best Try ANULOM-VILOM PRANAYAM.

Jen D
Jen M is right- raw local honey is usually very effective. Ginseng and goldenseal may also help.


Janet S
Sounds like you have a really bad case. There are several natural things that will help.

One is to stop all dairy consumption, unless it's fermented and then only in small amounts. (Low fat yogurt actually has an antihistamine effect.) It will probably take 2-3 weeks before you notice a difference. After you get this under control you can try adding a small amount of milk product back in and see if you can tolerate it.

There is a bioflavinoid called Quercetin that you can get in a capsule. The best will have Bromelain with it for max effect. Take as directed on the bottle, on an empty stomach.Take a minimum of 1,000 mg Ester-C per day (3,000 mg is better) to dry your sinuses and help your immune system.

Use a neti pot, available at most health food stores, to clean your sinuses. Use pure, non-iodized salt with it, like pickling salt. If you have trouble finding a pot, mix up some salt water using 1/2 teaspoon per cup of warm water. Pour into your cupped hand and sniff into your sinuses one at a time. When you've used all the water, stand bent over at the waist for a minute and clear the sinuses by snorting and turning your head side to side.

Drink Nettles tea 3 or more times per day for allergy relief. Elderflowers are also quite effective. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Eat lots of grated carrots, raw vegetable salad at least once a day. Drink green tea.

When you have a sinus headache, drink this bitter tea. Use 3/4 teaspoon Rosemary leaves and scant 1/4 teaspoon either Goldenseal Root or Barberry Root. Pour 6 ounces boiling water over and steep, covered, for 10 minutes. Strain, sweeten w/ honey and drink it down. Not to be used in pregnancy.

As a preventative, there is a salt spray called NasalChrom, available at most all pharmacies. It is safe, non-addictive nasal spray that everyone can use, even in conjunction with pharmaceutical helps.

Megan M
Have you been tested for allergies? Next go to your local drugstore and get a nasal sinus rinse. (about $20) Try this for a week. I went to a natural doctor who did testing using an unorthodox method (zytoc?) I had sensitivity to tea, clorox, honey and beef. All in which I ate high amounts, I changed the tea and wonders of all wonders the drainage stopped. I've stopped using bleach, cut back on the honey and cut back on the beef adding more chicken and fish. My Ear, Nose and Throat dr had recommended the Nasal Rinse for me years ago, I was too chicken to use. But once I used it I swear by it. It cleans everything out. BYT I am finding more and more people doing it. Well worth the $20. The nettie pot is similar, the rinse really cleans the gunk out!!

Jen M
I have a friend who started Raw Honey Therapy. You purchase Raw Honey from a bee keeper in your area (very important as that will carry the allergens for where you live) then she started with one tablespoon of raw honey (make sure it is not making things worse) and then took that three times a day and then as her allergies lessened then she started cutting it down until now she is at one teaspoon a day as maintaince.

You might also try rinsing your sinuses twice a day...there is a kit (I get it at wal-mart) and it is the Sinus Rinse Kit by Dr. Mersa (I think that is how you spell it) and it was developed for people with lots of colds and allergies.

Most people in the United States are ascorbic acid deficient, nearly from birth. The RDA for vitamin C is only 70 mg per day, an amount not nearly adequate to meet the body's daily demands. Studies have shown that a vitamin C deficiency elevates blood levels of histamine. Vitamin C has natural antihistamine properties and prevents the immune system from making histamines and helps with elimination of histamines from the bloodstream. Lung function is improved and asthma attacks eliminated with high levels of vitamin C (3,000 mg daily at a minimum up to bowel tolerance, often 6-9 g or greater in humans). There is no known toxic level for ascorbic acid and human need for this vitamin is vast. Babies born in a scorbutic state (vitamin C-deprived) frequently die from the respiratory condition sudden infant death syndrome, as well as cerebral ruptures blamed on shaken baby syndrome. Despite popular schools of thought regarding vitamin C, it is the anti-death vitamin of our time and supplementation at high levels does not cause the myriad of problems (kidney stone, gall stone, etc.) that conventional medicine would have one believe. It is critical not only for lung function but for prevention of coronary artery disease, as ascorbic acid deficiency (known since before World War II) is the root cause of cardiovascular disease.

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