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I need a homeopathic remedy for my dog who is very scared of fireworks..?
he shakes a lot and sounds like he is hyper ventilating. i tried arnica last night but didnt work.. what about aconite...? many thanks.

I really dont see how arnica would help..Try either calms forte or pulsatilla

her with the mad ginger hair
hello try the bach flower remedy it is availiable from holland and barrat also a product called anxiety is very good and works quickly is availiable from pet stores i hope this helps your poor dog .mine hates fireworks too and i have used both of these products to good effect with her. xx

never u
try melatonin, you can buy it in the vitamin section of most stores, or any health food store.

There is a product you can purchase at pet stores that uses a natural calming hormone that helps relax cats and dogs. You can get this in plug in (like scented oil) or spray form. It is pricy but does work.

May not be homeopathic but you can buy cd`s that desensitise the dog by getting it used to the sound of fireworks etc. May be a little late for this year, but worth thinking about for the future.
In the meanwhile, keep the curtains closed and the tv volume turned up and maybe cover the dog with a blanket and give it lots of attention.

Ĕrotic Ńightmare
How about Rescue remedy? You can buy from most pharmacys. Another to help your dog is to turn on the TV really loud, close the curtains & turn on all the lights.

Judy B
You don't need homeopathic remedies, you need a good dog trainer. Your dog can be desensitized to loud noise but it will take time and expert care.

Dr Frank
I am afraid since homeopathy relies on the placebo effect it will not work on your dog, he is not as gullible as a human.

Ok, here's a crazy idea: How about keeping him away from fireworks?

Dogs, like people, get scared of things that are very loud and they don't understand. Unlike people they can't be helped by helping them to understand the lack of a threat. Medications, homeopathic or otherwise, won't change that.

If there are fireworks outside your home and you can't convince your neighbors to stop that then what you should be doing is staying with your dog, soothing him, cuddling him to help him feel safe.

Aconite as well as arnica can act as a poison when used without supervision. Like any other homeopathic treatment how it works on people will not be the same as how it acts on dogs. You're better off taking meds from a poorly trained vet than relying on homeopathic treatments based on human physiology.

Still, your dog is scared. If your child were scared would you drug him or help him to feel safe without even homeopathic medications?

Aconite would be a better choice as it is good for panic.

*sigh* Don't medicate your dog using things meant and dosed for humans, even plant and mineral extracts. You'll probably make him/her sick. Keep the dog company and have a vet prescribe something to trank the blazes out of him/her, if you're looking to do something humane.

Try to avoid going outside with the dog on the 4th of July and New years eve as much as possible.Turn on the tv or radio,not blarring cause you don't want to hurt the dogs ears but have some kind of noise in the house to distract the dog.If at all possible move to a city where fireworks are banned.They are banned in the city where I live.I have a small Pom dog and she is the same way.You can have the vet prescribe a sedative but these are pretty strong and it can have your dog so knocked out that its tongue will be hanging to one side of its mouth..

Lol! I'm sorry that is the funniest post I have read in a long time (but not funny for you if your dog is really scared).
Can't you just give him a normal sedative from your vet? I wouldn't expect homeopathic to do anything.

You can get something from Pets At Home for dogs who are terrified of fireworks, you put a few drops into their drinking water and its supposed to calm them down, I have tried absolutely everything on my golden retriever and nothing has worked for her, our vet told us not to fuss her as that makes them worse, but how do you not do that when their so scared, we just turn the telly up to try to drown out the sound and cuddle her in-between us on the sofa,so hard for dogs hey.

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