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I need a home remedy for not being able to sleep and ansiety?

Billie D
Himalayan Goji Juice helped me. I had insomnia, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I also have uncontrolled seizures. Sometimes the anxiety would trigger a seizure. I started taking Himalayan Goji Juice six months ago and my insomnia and anxiety is gone. And my blood pressure has stayed low. I also have much fewer seizures now. If interested email me and I will send you the link where I get my juice.

This works every time. go lay down in bed. Next, go through the alphabet, starting with A with something that you like. Example:

A is for apple, B is for Balloon, C is for my cat, D is for Dining out, etc. You should think about things that you enjoy doing or things that you like. It will take your mind off of everything, and you will probably fall asleep before you get to Z. If you dont, do not get frustrated. Just start over with A again, or do something similar with numbers without trying to count sheep.

smoke a joint before going to bed.

you will relax, fall asleep, and have the best sleep you ever had, and as a bonus: the next day your going to be relaxed and focused all at the same time. (but it won't work the same if you have a drink too.)

Ann :)
do you like peanut butter?? peanut butter is like turkey, it makes you sleepy. try eating a peanut putter sandwich before bed. or, if you are religious, try saying prayers while falling asleep. it will clear your mind and help you forget about all of the bad in your life. may help you relax.

Try Vallarium tea. It is a type of herb and my spelling may be wrong. You can get it at GNC for $4, and it has about 12-15 packs I forget. I wish to god I could drink some, but I may be pregnant and don't want to take a chance. It stinks like feet and black jelly beans but it chills you out which makes you sleepy after a bit. i am pretty high strung so if it works for me...

melantonin,or a workout daily

I think a glass of wine right before bed time helps a lot. It calms you down and puts you to sleep without giving you any hangover

try a light snack and a warm milk.

Simplify you life, meditate, light exercise before bed, warm milk and cookie, alcohol, light evening meal,do physical work and/or exercise during day,lavender oil on pillow,
valerian/camomile tea, eliminate all caffeine, learn to watch your breath, read Little Book of Calm-Paul Wilson,no TV/Internet prior to bed, open the window(the brain likes oxygen)and dont worry about going to sleep

anoohya l
u should be able to try some thing new in ur life .try to create new things or motivate ur self in reading great authors be confident wen ur facing others. be active and make intrest in wat ur doing.this makes u pleasant and the next day opens with lights of hopes.this makes u anxious about ur life.and have a sleep with dreams of ur future.

Bonzai Betty
Valerian root is good for sleep and anxiety.

How old are you? Just the same 3 homespun remedies we have here in the philippines.

1) Take a bath or feel refresh before going to bed.
2) Make sure your stomach is not empty
3) It can also help if you go to sleep tired, after a little

Drugs of anykind do not really help, They just keep you dependent on these for a long while. Natural is always best.

Well i noticed a lot of people participated in your questions with brilliant ideas.

However, if you don't find them suitable or want to find an alternative, here is one that seems a bit crazy, but very very powerfull.

It is called "gibberish".. the whole idea of it is to take all stress and all your mind out. After that, you would surely have the ability to sleep like a baby.

Just try to be alone with no-one beside you at that time... and just talk in any language you do NOT know .. anything .. just speak rubbish .. blaa shaa yfygr iuerhieur erigu eiugh .... anything at all is acceptable.. if you feel like shouting .. shout .. if u feel like crying .. cry .. just do anything in any language you do not know .. anything that ur mind is not regular to...

Just try it, i definetly know it sounds crazy .. and you would definetly feel crazy when doing it ... but we are searching here for the results.. and for me .. it had a tremendous affect to me...

Just try it :)

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