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I have a sore throat what can i do/take to sooth it?

Ethan M
put salt in water and drink it do this 1 per hour until it stops it always works for me i usually Only have to do it once. hope this helps! you

Steam some garlic! then eat it
or gargle salt water

Dan the brick man
gargle with warm salt water...temporary relief...

you can eat crushed garlic with honey or you can take some motrin. that always helps me when i have a sore throat.

What everyone said above of me is good, but i'd suggest you also go to the doctor to check it out. Sure it could just be one simple sore throat, but you should go check it out.
'Cuz, you see, i had a sore throat a couple years ago, and it escalated into rhumatic fever, and now i've got a couple leaking heart valves.
My mother never went to the doctor for simple thing like that, but now we go a bit too often.
So, be catious. But you can also do what everyone else said to do too. (:

You can try some hot tea with a teaspoon or more of honey and some lemon juice. l or theres a throat spray by Chloraceptic (sp) that will numb it for a little while for you. Hope ya feel better soon.


Usually sore throat occurs due to change of seasons. The best way to sooth sore throat is as indicated below:

Gargle with warm salt water
Take more liquid beverages like tea
Gargle water mixed with crushed aspirin
Inhale vaporizer

The above will help you to sooth your thorat.

make hot tea with a teaspoon of honey and squeeze 3 lemon slices that eases the pain alot and um nyquils or somethin....

Natural B
pl check these remedies

spicy soup
hot tea
cough drops (dont need to cough to take them > >;;)
keep yourself warm
getting your rest
avoid "AHEM"ing. (unless you have some nasty mucus-y things coughing up, then spit it out :D)

get well soon :D

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