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I have a cold, can i drink orange juice?
this is my 2nd/3rd day having a cold. can i drink orange juice?

and could you recommend some fluids for me to drink?
Additional Details
and i heard that you shouldn't OD on the fluids cause it wont help. is that true?

Drinking fluids is the best thing for a cold as long as they are warm fluids. (Cold anything will cause more mucous-avoid milk products as well). I don' t know where you heard about not drinking fluids, but it's not true. Orange juice has vitamin C, and while it may not help your cold go away any faster once you have a cold, it is still necessary for your body and may help to prevent future colds. Drink up!

Leona W
Water or CLEAR fluids are best. I do not know where your info came
from, but fluids will help flush the congestion out of your body.
Warm teas and honey are good, any clear juice, a cup of warm water
with bouillion dissoved in it is good, clear soups.

And it's been clinically PROVEN that chicken noodle soup helps a cold.

You do need the Vitamin C from orange juice, or you could
take a tablet.

not its not ture, when you're sick your body can overheat or dehydrate really easily, you need to drink juice and water

I never drink regular soda, but when I'm sick I love to drink 7-up or Sprite

careful on OJ though, its great for the vitamin C, but it is acidic and 3-4 glasses could upset your tummy

yes! you need the vitamin c in there!

Yes you can drink orange juice but make sure its room temperature. Some more fluids you can drink are herbal hot teas.

Johnny 5
One of the best products to use for colds is EmergenC. You can pick it up at most health food stores and wal-mart even carries it now. It has 1000mg of vitamin C plus lots of B vitamins. It also has lots of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. You just mix it with 8oz of water and they have lots of different flavors. I live off those things when I'm sick.

Orange Juice is a fine idea. Also, it can't hurt you to drink as much as you want as long as your kidneys are working.

Get well soon!

fitness hero
Yep you can
Water is the best thought

Natural B
you can and drink hot water if you like
check these remedies

Well first thing that you should always remember is "Feed a cold, starve a fever"
But your question was about fluids. OJ is good to drink when you have a cold, or maybe if you have no appetite, one of those "nutrient juices" with the fruit/veggies in it. I can't think of the name of that drink. V8 splash should also be good...
Like the above poster said, gatorade is also good
Feel better soon, I have a cold too :(

Drink lots of Orange Juice for the vitamin C. Fruit juices, gatorade and chicken noodle soup will keep you nourished and hydrated. Keep away from dairy products until your congestion is gone. Get well!

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