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Healing H
I am christian can i still do crystal healing arts?
i think the indians used to do crystal healing,but im not sure?

Sure I think that is fine..there is a great daily meditation bible I got on this site

whether you are a christian, hindu , muslim or a follower of any other religion, as long as we possess the same kind of tissues, system,...breath the same prana...living on the same mother so called earth....,, the effect of things on us also will be same.
other than the its minute variation in its intensity or direction etc... as we both have different body constitution.
Religion is an opinion of one person or a group of person..
if you are following that particular opinion then you called as that particular name of that opinion or group etc....
eg. followers of the opinion of christ are known as christians.

other thing is that depend upon the situation....for better management... you can take into consider of other opinions also .....
and if you feel that is perfect for that instinct then you can selact that.....but you have to use your wisdom...thats only...

this is my openion.....

I am also a christian and I am very much into crystal healing, meditation, chakras, etc. I don't think it conflicts with my relationship with Jesus. It just makes it stonger.

Absolutely not! I cant imagine you doing anything without getting the first and formost approval of other Christians!


So what if they do? What does that matter?

What an absolutely bizarre question - of course you can do crystal healing arts, if you want to.

Many fundamentalist Christians feel that alternative therapies are the “work of the devil”.

Then you get people like Sylvia Browne who is a practising Christian and loves God very much, but who is also a psychic clairvoyant.


John Reid
We are to put our faith and trust in the Creator and not in any creation (the crystals). If you put your faith in the crystals, you may as well worship the sun and the moon and the stars.

China Doll
Yea, i don't see why you couldn't.

If you are truly Christian, God made crystals so why would you feel a crystal would help you more than Jesus himself? Pray to God for healing and then leave it up to him to make the decision to heal you or not because he knows if it will help your salvation or not. Crystals are not mentioned to help in the Bible. Relics of Holy people were used, but stones were a pagan type thing. My son works with the exorcisms in Rome and said that these New Age things actually open portals to evil spirits that will cause problems in your family. The family will start having more stomach trouble in the beginning. He said there has been more paranormal and demonic activity since people are practicing yoga, reiki, and superstitions of crystals etc. Try to just pray to Jesus and the Bible says to fast at times of real problems. Small fasts like a desert or one cookie instead of two. Have your trust in him and your life will be much better. Good luck and God Bless!

Since God created everything in Earth and upon Earth, all HIS works were good. God gave up the plants to eat, herbs and minerals (stones and crystals) to heal us. Stones and crystals are not just for looking at and saying "Oh, how pretty! It must have cost a fortune!" Remember that everything on earth is a form of energy (high school science class, right?) with protons, neutrons, and electrons, forming atoms and molecules. Lithium is a crystal that is processed and formed into standardized pills to help with mental disorders. This requires a prescription. Almost all of our medicines come from plants, unless they are synthesized. Does this mean that you should not take medicines like other posters have suggested and just rely upon your prayers and God's favor? God gave us a brain and instructed us to use it. So, yes, go ahead and use the crystals for healing. I look at those that try to tell me that I'm wrong as being influenced by the devil to try to stop me from doing good. Remember that Jesus instructed us in the Bible that we could perform ALL of his healing miracles and even greater ones once he returned to heaven. So it is time to begin to follow THOSE instructions. Blessings and Peace to you!

Well, you will get alot of hype from your fellow Christians, I'm sure, but I call myself a non-traditional Christian and I believe God made all things on the earth to use for our benefit. It's not a spiritual practice, but a physical one. The crystals actually have an energy. You are not putting any faith in the crystals. Besides what is the difference in taking western medicine? Is it even made by God? But yet it is ok to Christians to depend on them for healing...Doesn't amke sense to me.

Yes you sure can. Crystal healing work is really quite scientific. Crystals give off healing frequencies. Because it is associated with energy - this sometimes gets confused with spirituality. Crystals can balance your whole being which also means balancing you and opening you up to spiritual guidance - which for a Christian is great because you can become more in tune with the Holy Spirit. Enjoy crystals. They are a God given gift for all beings.

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