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I'm 25 years old, trying to make a decision on physical therapy or chiropractic college any suggestion?
Any suggestions for anyone that was in my situation and had to make a decision or anyone who might know the best answer and it dont have to be either. Thanks

If you want the real $$ open a Spa that will be the best thing to do.

Lenore H
your to young

I don't know if you're boy or girl, but I'm a girl and I'd go with physical therapy in the sports related part of the industry so I can help those hot mens stretch out. oh dear!

Pyysical thearpy. You can be a big help to stroke victims, injured people, and all sorts of post surguries. My own opinion of chiropatic is that it may help for some back trouble, but thats about it.

hands on training and you get paid to learn.

be a chiropractor!!! you should go to parker school of chiropracticory (or something like that) in dallas texas...it is where my uncle went and now he is really successful

I have never been to a chiropractor, because my insurance does not pay for that, but does pay for PT. Not sure if that makes a difference dealing with insurance paper work to you? I Have had PT and OT and my therapist was outstanding, so I'd chose that if it were me.. with more and more aging of populations, the need demand for therapist is only going to increase, so In my mind, you would have a better chance of picking where you live and work. I'd think that you may be more limited in the Chiropractic field.
Good luck to you in whichever you chose!

I have a friend who does physical therapy and loves it. She goes to patients' homes and works with them there. Like nursing, there are SO many different jobs available in that field.

ShortcutHerbal Goody
Take the sample lessons available or read about them both, You can find lots of info on the internet or your local library. Look into things well and do what you feel was right. Back when I was young I was looking into Psychology, Psychicatry or Herbalism. I took the first 2 lessons of Psychology 101 and same for Psychicatry.. I found they weren't for me! Herbalism was right for me. You might perfer the physical therapy over chiropracticism only You can know what is right for You listen to your feelings and don't let anyone interfer with your feelings of what is right for you! There are many people that interfere and they wrongly think they are helping the person when they are actually hindering the person! Do what You feel is right for you! Also don't let anyone tell you that you're too young... You should know if you're ready others don't know you as well as you should know yourself!

That's an interesting decision. If It was I, making this decision for myself, I would do the college for the Chiropractic. The reason being, because it seems that you like both. The education you get in the Chiropractic college will support physical therapy tremendously, and if you want to go to school in physical therapy after wards, you would slide Thur the physical therapy program, because they support each other. The combination of both programs will help you in getting a better paying job in this field after you complete college. It is possible that you can get a job in this field before you finish college, for learning students.

The First Dragon
Do you already have a "trade" or "profession," a way to make decent money if you need to? If so, go for the D.C. If not, consider getting physical therapy qualifications first.

25 years old physical thereapy is good you can work with the NBA, other athletic and chiropractic i wish you could take both to enhance the two fields, even massage theraphist. It is good you do not mind touching people. Think about which people you would more like to touch and heal.

Jonni D
Within the last couple of years, I have had both physical therapy and chiropractic care. From my perspective (and if you are truly indifferent about either option) I would recommend physical therapy. No matter what you choose, you need to do what you love and if working with and helping people is what you love - then physical therapy would be your best option. The reason being is that with physical therapy you are able to spend more time with and interact with the patient more so than with chiropractic care. As a physical therapist you not only get to help people return to health, but you can also invest in them.

How would you feel if you woke up one morning and discovered that everyone would be paid the same salary and receive the same benefits, no matter what work they performed? One of your first thoughts might be, “If that is how it will be, I may as well do work that I really love.?

Working in a job that you love will make you happier in both your personal and your professional life. The career you choose should not just fit your skills, values and interests, it should also fulfill your passion.

Follow your dreams, but know that your life will be filled with learning experiences - some more exciting than others - that may lead you to that ultimate place where work no longer feels like work.

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