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How to treat burns/sores on inside of mouth from crystal meth? Used twice, no more.?
Never heard of this drug till moving to Arizona. I'm a recovering addict who "took a side trip" out of boredom, ect and only having done this crap twice, I have a sore in my mouth and can still "taste" the crap. I want to know how to treat this.

I'am not an addict myself, but I know exactly what you are talking about. I live in Az and it is so bad out here. Anyways, I would swish salt water after every meal. You could also put some peroxide on a q-tip and dab it on the sores. Best of luck to you I wish you the best.

Glad to hear you qucik that crap. Seriously its crap.. I have seen it ruin so many peoples lives its sad. The "meth mouth" should go away, those chemicals in the smoke are higly corrosive. So when your gums and teeth rejuvinate hopefully. So keep it clean and rinse.

janie b
there is some stuff made with green tea or just use a triple antibiotic cream also plenty of mouth wash it will help keep the infection away

wash your mouth out with salt water every hr the mouth heals fairly quickly,, the sores are from exploding veins.. be glad it wasnt in your brain

brigette b

dogpatch USA
mostly patience but health food stores sometimes have aloe vera the internal use type and rinsing your mouth with it may help sooth and promote healing

*♥* ♥* FaeGoddess*♥*♥*
well the sore is most likely from chewing or biting the inside of your mouth while you were tweekin, I know I used the stuff for almost 4 years(been 100% clean for 2) & its super common, like the others said the mouth heals pretty quickly try the salt water gargle, it will burn but it will also help, peroxide may also help but be carefull not to swallow any, I wouldnt put anything like Oragel on it though it will numb it it may also cause you to bite it again as you wont be able to feel it & the irritation will just continue, PLEASE when it comes to meth, RUN!! RUN FAR & RUN FAST!!! i promise you its a CRAZY drug & its SO powerfull, you think your fine just used a couple times the next thing you know your hooked doing it everyday, the more often you try it the more often you will use it, I know like I sadi Ive been clean 2 years & to this day I still think about it, it scares me, fortuantly enough that I stay away...it took me moving from FL all the way back to MI to get away, and its here too but Ive nevr looked & I wont, I cant...BEST OF LUCK you shoul dbe healed up pretty quick just try not to aggitate it & let it heal

There is this stuff called pine pitch, it's all natural from pine cones I do believe, it's really good for open sores.

go to the drugstore and get some pain-a-lay its in the toothpaste area taste bad works greats

by seeing a doc , going to treatment and never doing it again

Forget the Q-tip crap!!!!
Use h2o2 like mouthwash as much as you like.
It doesn't taste bad and it can kill a lot of germs
to prevent infection.
And never touch that CRAP again! EVER!!

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