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Chris K
How to prevent an oncoming cold??
I can feel a cold coming (you know that feeling in your throat), are there any methods of basically stopping the cold? Lots of orange juice? Is it true that liquor kills the bacteria? Any [proven] advice accepted, thanks!

Well, my grandparents used to have this trick. You have a cup of tea and rum together. Once you start to feel kind of tipsy, head off to bed, and the next morning they felt about 99% better! I do it sometimes, and it really works.

try starting up with the Dayquil and take some vitamins every day especially vitamin C i personally take a vitamin C tablet and a centrum and i haven't caught the cold yet

Try to drink a of hot liquids, like warm water with honey and lemon.
Gargle with warm salt water for throat.
Use saline nasal sprays for congestion.
Good luck

janet h
i would say a hot toddy!!!!!!!!!!

But try this first get some eucalyptus,lavender and sandalwood essential oils 2 drops of each place in a hankie and inhale they will sooth your throat and open up your breathing tubes, this will work

Try airborne that stuff is amazing, you can get it at your local drugstore or grocery store. It seems to boost my immune system and helps prevent colds and flu!

3000mgs of Vitamin C, a suppliment that contains zinc and selenium. Adding spirulina to your diet is good. Eat fish and green leafy vegetables, no red meat or sugars.
Elderberry tea, peppermint tea, raspberry tea, local honey are also beneificial.

Quick Defense by Gaiam.

Orange juice and Chocolate should be avoided if you have a sore throat. If you have strep, it will feed it and make it grow like crazy.

You can gargle with salt in warm water to soothe your throat and take 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract stirred up well in some juice (not orange). It is bitter but a really good virus fighter.

K. M
Start taking vitamin C tablets twice a day to help build your immune system.

Go to bed early, and get lots of sleep.

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