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How to draw out a splinter??
My 6 year old little boy has a splinter in his hand and i don't fancy sterilising a needle to tempt it out.... besides, he wouldn't let me do that !!

Anybody have any good natural alternatives that are as painless as possible??

Thanx in advance ............. ;0)

have a good day / night


Edd S
boric acid, yes it is painless

Put him in a bath right before bed(to soften his skin). And get it out with tweezers while hes asleep.

My mom used to push it out with her nail, start opposite the open side and push with your nail to work it out of the open end, then pull with tweezers. You can also use a sterile straight razor, but I doubt he would let you do that either...good luck!

Cover the splinter with a piece of scotch tape and then pull the tape and the splinter away from the skin.

There is an OTC medication called Icthamol...It's a "drawing salve." Used it on my children when they were small. It is black, smells like tar.

It depends on how deep the splinter is, too. There is no miracle medication to draw it out, if it's really deep. You don't want to risk infection. Wood can carry various bacteria. His pediatrician can remove it, with only a moment of discomfort, and the safest.

How bout a tea bag poultice? It has drawing powers.....It worth a try...a very warm tea bag....wish my Mom was alive she knew all the tricks. ♥

soak the child's hand in warm water for several minutes, then dislodge the splinter by massaging the surrounding skin or by gently squeezing the splinter out from the point of entry.

If this method doesn't work, carefully tease the splinter out with a pair of clean, pointed tweezers or a clean needle. Tweezers are often easier to use on young children than a needle. Soak the tweezers or the needle in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes to sterilize it before using. Good Luck

Patrick oldie
First put an ice pack on the splinter this will numb the area round the splinter, and with a very fine pointed sewing needle sterilised in boiling hot water, wait until it cools down then loosen the skin around the point of entry of the splinter,until you are able remove it with a pair of tweezers.
If the child is frightened let him take out the splinter, after telling him what to do.
One more thing you could try? my grandmother use this on boils pour some hot water in bottle with a slender neck, remove the the hot water from the bottle and place it over the splinter and as the bottle cools down it will draw out the splinter.

try some white elmers glue! put it on his hand and let it dry..should come out as a piece of cake

if you go to the Chemist, theres a real special pair of tweesers, they are real thin at the point & are so gentle to get the splinter out,no pain..seriously..well in australia...i know because i had this real painful thorn in my finger, & it was so easy to get out...& my neice uses that type for her small kids too..........

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