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How to cover up marijuanna in a urine test?
My bestfriend has made a very stupid decision to experiment with weed, she has been on her job for a while now and they are going to drug test her on tuesday. What are some things you can do to dilute the drug in your system, are there any tips?

No there is not!! Getting someone else urine might do it-hehe. Maybe she won't be so stupid on hernext job which I guarantee will happen if they do find drugs in her urine.

i dont know how good it works, but i knew a guy in high school who would drink obscene amounts of water before his drug test and he passed every one.

she needs to go to gnc or something and buy some detox. its a pretty gross tasting drink but its the only thing that works.

Terry J
It will be difficult to have a clean urine. Golden seal and Test Free are a few of the things on the market, but I do drug testing and we can tell if the urine as been "adulterated" and that usually disqualifies the specimen.

Any adulterated urines usually indicate that someone is trying to hide something. And unfortunately most of the the remarks above are correct. Its best to stay clean instead of worrying about being tested.

I had a suprise drug test the day after I smoked..I drank a couple of gallons of tea and passed the next day...You can flush it out, I'm living proof of that..It also depends on how long you have been smoking and how frequent...

Its the THC in weed that they are checking for. It gets stored in your fat and collects in your urine as you burn fat. There are several potions on the market that will stop the fat burning process for about six hours. This stuff is sold in smoke shops and the kids behind the counter usually have a lot of "consumer input" (their stoner friends) as to what works best and how to use it. Bring about $40 cash.

Drinking a lot of water may help a bit...

I work at a facility that does testing on inmates released and required to test.Despite all that your Friends say you can't beat the test(seldom but does happen )If your Friend likes the job they are being tested for then don't smoke dope!

drinking large amounts of water can cause kidney failure and death. marijuanna is stored in fat cells anyway. go to a place that sells pipes and ask them what they have. www.biobuzz.com sells some stuff that really works but you don't have time to have it shipped...also try a health food store and ask them straight up what they have, they hear it all the time

Soul Doctor
Only due time will clear it there is nothing which will clear it before atleast a week maybe more, in the mean time increase your water intake and I would suggest not taking any medication for it cause nothing will help and might complicate it even further.

Take Care and God Bless.

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