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How soon after taking aspirin is it safe to drink alcohol?

two days

24 hours.

but never forget to take aspirin every day.

Black Rainbow
Any medicine you take will clash with alcohol...so no it's not safe

8 hours

Dr Frank
There is no direct interaction between these two drugs.

Switch to Advil. It's safer with alcohol. Asparin and alcohol destroys the liver.

Avoid alcohol w/in 12 h of aspirin ingestion.
Combo may incr. risk of GI bleeding, Gastritis.

ASPIRIN and alcohol?

i wouldnt be to worried about it

4 hours- anything less is not ok, as after 4 hours the asprin has worn off.

i just put an asprin in my 500ml can of carling; it is frothing like crazy and wont stop. Don't want that in my stomach thank you very much.

after a good night on the beer take 2 aspirin with a pint of water before you go to bed. it should prevent ya hangover. it works for me ,lol

flower power
depends on how many you have taken...aspirin thins the blood and in small doses is ok for you...but, i would wait 4-5 hours before taking alcohol...then i think you would be ok. if you want to have a drink..fine - but dont take the aspirin until the next day

i take mine with alcohol

The Grumpy Dalek
I would think that if it was just a one off - one or two asprins then you should be fine - maybe leave it a couple of hours, but i dont think that it could harm you unless you did it every day.

Maybe wait 4 hours to be sure? This is that time most medications seem to say to leave between doses?

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