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How much zinc and vitamin C do you take to get rid of a cold?
like as in how many mg's is the max that you can take? last time I had a cold I remember a friend telling me to take like 1500mg of Vit C a day for like 5 days or so and then to only take 1000 for the next week. but I cant remember if those were the right amounts or if they were higher or what, and as far as the zinc goes I just know its supposed to help alot with colds but how much do I take? thanks for any help.

linda t
It takes awhile for vitamins to work - weeks, in fact. Taking them regularly according to directions helps ward off colds. At the first sign of a cold, use Zycam. It cuts the durations & symptoms dramatically. Best of Luck!

Zinc role in cold it is question and surprise also because zinc is a treas-element .Vit ' C' very much effective in cold . Take 2000 mg in two divided doses.Better take effervescent tablet dissolve one tablet of 1000 mg ( 1 gm)in a glass of water and immediately drink it.So dose is like 1 tablet morning and one tablet evening (1 bid) for 5 days .

Saved by Grace!
Im not a big believer in the vitamin c thing....cuz most are synthetic....but I have a REALLY great alternative method to both prevent and get rid of colds and flu and the sicky stuff alike!
drop a couple of drops of hdyrogene peroxide in each of ur ears...let your head be tilted so it doesn't spill out...keep there until bubbling stops....(if no bubbles..no infection) do this severl times a day until no bubbles....it works I tell ya!! do it for my little girl too....in many cases it even lessons the duration time ur sick and symptoms.(assuming you do the treatment in the middle of cold)Its best to do at first sign of anything!

try it!!!! :) (doctors say its safe....but won't work....have proven their theory wrong so many times)

granny turtle
All I know is any c your body doesnt use just passes through. I think Zinc can cause nausua if overdosed. My book says 50 millgram daily. and 500 mill C and says overdose zinc can interferr with other minerals. Hope your better soon

take vit c in divided doses no more than 500mg, at least 15 mins apart. apparently we can take on lots of vit c so you can even go 3000-5000mg and not do damage. The max is supposed to be around 10 grams, according to the vit and mineral guide. when you get to much vit c you get diahrea.
the zinc don't take more than 30-50mg daily for all the previously mentioned reasons.

Only take as much as the zinc bottle says ]
1500mg of C for a few days and then cutting down to 1000mg is fine.

Drink orange juice and eat chicken broth too, they are good for colds

Russell N
It isn't a case of how much you get but how much you have.

I would suggest you eat plenty of capsicum and red meat because capsicum contains high amounts of vitamin C and red meats contains iron which helps oxygen get through your blood.

but all you have to do is eat healthy, get rest and of course get plenty of fluids and you will be fine.

Taking too much Zinc will result in heavy metal poisoning, so only take what is listed on the bottle. It will build up in the body and cause problems if taken in excess. Vitamin C is a water based vitamin, so if your body doesn't need it, you will get rid of it. The recommended is no more than 2000mg/day.

prevention is the best cure, why take vitamin C in mgs? why not eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables,honey its how nature intended us to fight off colds, not out of a little plastic bottle containing man-made vitamin C.

Desert Lady
From WebMD:
Vitamin C has been studied for many years as a possible treatment for colds, or as a way to prevent colds. But findings have been somewhat inconsistent. Overall, experts have found little to no benefit for vitamin C preventing or treating the common cold.

and . . .
Researchers have studied the use of zinc as a cold remedy and as a way to treat the cold virus. Still, the data from years of scientific studies is mixed.

In some studies, researchers found that zinc lozenges or nasal sprays decreased the duration of colds. In other studies, they found no differences in cold symptoms between those who took zinc and those who took a placebo or sugar pill.
. . . . .

Personally, when I think a cold is coming on I take vitamin C (2 gms immediately, then 1 gm a.m. and 1 gm p.m., then back to 1 gm/day. Can't overdose on C, but I wouldn't take more than that). If I don't get the cold, I don't know if it was the vitamin C or that I wasn't getting the cold anyway. But, I haven't hurt myself!

I haven't used zinc enough to know if it is effective.

I haven't had a cold in three years!

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