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 Swallowed a baggy of mari j whats gonna happen???
so i got pulled over (not really) but i had like an 8th of mj in a plastic baggy.. i swalloed the whole thing so i wouldn't get a ticket for it from the cops and beat down with thier canes.. ...

 Other than going to the doctor, whats a homemade cure for a urinary tract infection?

 Vegan natural ways to get rid of migraines?
Please no flaming, bashing or the like. You will be blocked if you do.
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I have also seen a eye doctor and my doctor....

 Any good home remedies to help a person sleep? alcohol doesn't work for me anymore, and i don't take drugs

My Daughter Jessa Is Having Her Injections On Friday, I'm A Bit Worried She Might Be Scared About Things What Can I D...

 Have you ever been cured from a health problem by using natural remedies?
cuz I have....

 With so many multivitamins on the market which one has the best ingredients for better health?
or do you make your own, that doesnt seem very safe, you need calcium you need b6 b12, all freakin b's, how much? iron... etc, etc, is there a magic pill?
Additional Details

 I have a sore throat what can i do/take to sooth it?

 Do you know anyone who has been hurt by a chiropractor? Or anyone that felt ripped off after going to one?

Additional Details
Im not looking for a chiropractor, I would never pay someone to crack my back and put me in danger. Don't you think something is wrong if you've been going ...

 Is there a vitamin or natural product that can help ADD in children?
Is there a natural product or vitamin that will help a child suspected of having ADD? Also any comments from parents that have put their ADD children on prescription drugs and have they helped or ...

 Home remedie for Nausea and/or Vomiting (for adults)?
I believe there is something with lemon. What's the proportion to water? Thanks!...

 What is a natural remedy for hair loss, to stop thinning of hair?
or even grow hair back, topical or whatever type of treatment, any advice, suggestions, etc? Thanks....

 Curing trush on newborn tongue naturally (natural remedies)?
heard about gentian violet how can i use it and in which part is it harmful to babies?...

 Why do so many altmed fantasists also believe in 911 conspiracies?
so many of your wacko sites link to 911 "truth" sites.
Additional Details
aimee: well they have something in common i.e. there is overwhelming evidence against both. Also a lot ...

 Sore throat?
ive been having a sore throat for like 6 [i may be exagerating] months....without going to the doctor....what ways can i heal it?im on holidays now so im gonna try most of them in one day..unless ...

 Am sorry i need to over come laxatives abuse but i dont no how help?
can i get my bowls to work on own again ...

 Best homeopathic medicine for insomnia?
i lost my father in jan in painful condition,,now me unable to sleep witout alpax etc..meditation also not works,pls guide any homeopathic med for ...

How much does nursing assistants make an hour?

Depends on what state you live in..in Florida it's about seven dollars an hour...They deserve more..

I think 15 bucks or so

Deb B
Usually starting around 7 dollars, little less or more.

depends on many factors. depends on where you live, where you work (whether hospital, private one or county one), skills acquired, etc. there is a shortage of them nation wide so it's good to see people still wanting to go into the nursing field.

In Alaska NAs $13.00+ per hour

That depends where you live. Look into medical assistant. They make more and you get more/better training and always can find a job you like. Nurses aids/assistants are limited to what they can do.

In Oklahoma CNAs/CMAs make between 10-14 dollars an hr i think. But it really just depends on where you work, what state you are working in and everything.

i started out on 7 an hour but i have made up to 11 about a month out of school!

Tamara J
Depends on what state you live in..
Depends on what county you live in..
Depends on what city you live in...
Depends on what type of facility you live in (hospital or long term care)....

I would say the average is 8-12 dollars...can't be certain though..

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