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How many pills do i take from benadryl so i can go to sleep?
benadryl does work to go to sleep right? how long does it take for me to go to sleep?

Donna L
If the one's you have are 25 mg then you can take 2 (50mg) every 4 hours as needed. They will dry your mouth out too. I would not take more than 50 mg. And 2 works great for me when I can't sleep

Like others have said, start with one 25 mg pill & work up to 50 mg if needed. The Advil pm I have has 33 mg of benadryl so I'm sure it's safe for most people.

about 3 low dose

If you have never taken it before, start with one. The normal dosage is 25-50mg, which is 1 or 2 pills. Start with one, and if you're still awake in an hour, take another one.

I'm a nurse, two will work. You could also take an OTC sleeping pill. I would buy generic, they work just as well.

Take on or two capsules. Next time you buy it though save money and buy generic which is diphenhydramine.

Depends on your body, Benadryl doesn't work for me.

Take some Tylenol PM, It works better.

If you have some available, try an OTC sleeping pill. Benedryl isn't always going to work for everyone. With many people, it does the opposite.

Don't take any. If you cant sleep, figure out why. Have you had a lot of caffeine? Are you stressed out. If you are over 25 you can take melatonin. Its a natural sleep remedy. It works great with no side affects and your not damaging another part of your body with a drug. Also if your deficient in calcium, that can cause sleeping problems.

anna z
stop take pills - take something herbal - IONIX - you will sleep like a baby and there is no addiction at all.
you can find it on www.dreamlife.isagenix.com

sOuL dOcToR
Try the Homeopathic Remedy NUX VOMICA instead about half an hour before going to bed on an empty stomach (Half hour after meals) and you will be asleep within ten minutes of putting your head on the pillow, and totally without any side effects or complications of any sort ! 100% cure !
Take Care and God Bless you !

You can take 25mg to 50mg of Benadryl. Although, Benadryl doesn't work for my husband so I usually give him half a tab of Doxylamine Succinate instead. You can get that over the counter in most pharmacies under "Unisom". Just make sure you check the back of the box because some Unisom have Benadryl in them instead of doxylamine.

Btw, it can take up to 30mins for it to kick in. So if you're not feeling drousy yet, do not double your dose. Just give it some time.

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