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How many codeine pills should I take to feel high?
I was perscribed codeine a while back for something, but I saved them for when I was bored instead of for the pain. I was just curious how many pills would make me sufficiently high?
Additional Details
So are there any helpful or informative answers. If you think I'm stupid at least be kind enough to support why you think so...instead of leaving comments like -stupid or moron...

enlighten me if you think I'm an idiot. Don't talk ****. Haven't you ever heard of constructive criticism?

You need help. You sound like an addict. Did you know it is a felony
to misuse Codeine, you could be arrested. Pray to God to help you and seek counseling asap.

How about NONE. Not only is that stupid, it's deadly. Get help for your problems with a counselor or rehab.

Sharon F
Are you nuts?

anything you do to make yourself high artificially (with drugs) is not only wrong, it is illegal.

If you are so bored with your life that you need uplifting - try something natural.
It is far more beneficial and worthwhile.
Take a walk in the park and enjoy the beauty of it all.
Go roller skating.
Take a bike ride.
Go work out - get the natural endorfins flowing and you will have a natural high.
Babysit a baby - around the age of one. They are so much fun.
Watch a funny movie.
Go to church.

There are many ways to get high on life - the natural way. Try that instead of the drugs. Drugs can really mess up your life.

flush them down the toilet, hippie!

vanessa c

Hmm, probably none. The reason is that many codeine tablets will also contain paracetamol. Taking more than the prescribed amount of paracetamol can be very dangerous. Too much paracetamol is lethal. Go green if anything.

kate h
Codine goes off. Constipation is one of the sideffects. Do your kidneys and liver and bowel a favour if you are bored get creative and not high..surely you have more to offer this world than another opiate junky.

KELLI...from the sounds of things....Im guessing you TOOK PLENTY!!
I too was prescribed codeine last week....4 the pain...but unfortunately I couldnt save mine 4 when Im bored instead of 4 the pain....BECAUSE most of all the pain was horrifying! And another thing...all codeine does 4 me is makes me tired. I am a single working mother...I dont have time to sleep my life away.

depends how strong it is and how muich u weight. but just two is good . but i wouldnt do it because i had a friend who had a seizer from popping codeine.

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