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thomas n
How long is a written prescription good for?

Mary Smith
for quite a while

Until you fill it

Dr. Okram
That depends. In the United States, each state sets the parameters for prescriptions. This means that states decide how long a prescription can be refilled. For example, in Ohio a non-controlled prescription must be initially filled within 6 months or it expires. If it is filled the first time within the six months, it is then good for one year from the date written.

Example: You get a prescription for fexofenadine (Allegra, generic) written on 11-13-2006. You must fill it for the first time before 5-13-2007 or it expires. Say you fill it on 1-3-2007, it is then refillable until 11-13-2007.

In Ohio, controlled substances (e.g. Vicodin, etc.) are only valid for a total of 6 months, no exceptions

Check with your local pharmacist or State Board of Pharmacy (or Regulatory Body) for the complete answer in your state or country.

Depends............if it is a long term on going medication, it will be good for a year, at which time the doctor will no longer refill it until he sees you again.

If you mean, if he writes it and you do not fill it, have no idea. Call the pharmacy.

1 year from the date. Sometimes pharnacist get rattled and call the physician to clarify, but 1 year is the general rule.

Depends on where you refill it at. I THINK it's 60 days (2 months). I held onto a prescription for just over 2 months, tried to refill it and Walgreens said it was too old and against their policy.

3 months in the UK

Sometimes it says at the bottom of the prescription ("valid for 180 days" or something like that). If not, I think it would depend on what it was. I would think no longer than 6 months, though.

Unless specified otherwise it is valid for a year.

The Anthwer Man
It thould thay on the bottle.

In the UK I believe it is 3 months...;

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