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How long does weed stay in your system?
Well i think im scewed, about two weeks ago, I was at a party and smoked a few puffs of mj, years ago i used to smoke it a lot but past couple years i have not, however when i was at this party, someone was passing a joint around and me being drunkk & stupid, i took a few hits, i recently got called for a job interview on thursday, today was a drug test, i totally forgot about that night, and now im scared sh*tless i will fail, like i said, this was the first time i smoked it years i am very petite, and drink lots of fluids, is there any way withing 11days i could have passed? Anyone with experience, anyoune who passed a test within this amt of time, any help would be greatly appreciated, also is there anything i could say if i did not pass, i know i should have gotten something, but i honestly forgot, everyone pray for me LOL
Additional Details
Thanks so far for advice to everyone, i just want ot make it clear that i am not a stoner, i can understand how the question could offend some people, it was my bday, my friends had a party, it was at the end of night, i took a few puffs, and passed out, other than that i dont even go out i know it was stupid but also remember that doctors dont even get drug tested, its not working with the community either, its just a respectable company to work for. Thanks again everyone LOL

hermione speaks
The active ingredient in marijuana is fat-soluble, not water-soluble, so it takes longer to get out off a person's system. A regular user can quit and not experience withdrawl for a month, because the build-up in that person's system is just huge. In your case, a few puffs on an otherwise clean body, you may get away with it. However, may I respectfully suggest that if you are going for a job that requires a drug test, that you really consider laying off the illicit substances, because the job you're doing is probably serving the community, like a cop or something, and I don't want the people looking out for my safety to be drunk or stoned while they're doing it.

Cabana C
30 days minimum.

I've heard 30 days.

I really hate it when people do drugs and worry about drug tests! DARE TO SAY NO!!! DUH

about 30days. If you have a low fat index it can be out of your system faster, IF you dont smoke alot. Drink lots of water and exercise. but I wouldnt take a chance, you can buy a drink from most health stores like GNC or you can check out smoke shops usually anywhere that sells bowls/bongs and get the "OMNI" drink its about 30dollars. (the drink is nasty but worth it)

Brenda H
Hopefully you were able to cleanse your system out. useually with full time smokers it can take anywhere from 30-90 days for it to get out of your system. With you only taking a few hits hopefully it wasn't enough for you to show hot. Good luck and i'll keep you in my prayers.............

Pink Girl
You'll be fine a couple of weeks should be enough time.

lucas m
i have always heard that it takes thirty days to get out of your system , but it also has to do with how much you do it and how often. if you havent done it in a long time and just took a few hits you might be ok . hope the best of luck for ya

Stays a long time in the muscles, hair, nails, urine. Good luck and don't smoke!!!

riloh keen
speaking from experience:

some people can smoke and pass a drug test 24 hours later. some people will take ONE hit and fail a month later. it varies from person to person.

HOWEVER, for most people, marijuana will show up for AT LEAST 30 days in urine (but this has been known to drop to 3 - 5 days if the amount consumed is very small), AT LEAST 90 days in hair follicles, and only about 2 - 3 days in blood.

on another note, if you smoke, it will NOT SHOW UP in hair / sweat for AT LEAST 10 days, but urine will show about 6 - 8 hours after smoking.

so, in my professional stoner opinion, you'll probably pass.

You will be OK girl, 11 days is sufficient, especially if it was just a few puffs, and especially if you were not dehydrated THE DAY OF THE TEST,, water DOES NOT eliminate it from your system, this is why drinking plenty of water THE MORNING before the test helps people pass such tests.. Getting it out of your system is not important, pissing clean is important,,, you may not ever get ALL OF IT out of your system, but after 11 days your urine ought be clean enough to pass, and certainly so if you drank much water the night before, and that morning


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