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How long does it take for 2 extra strength Advil to wear off?

Additional Details
I took it 3 hours ago and i need to take something else cause it didnt work!!

You should probably at least wait a minimum of 6-10 hours for the medicine to completely wear off, but to make sure, read the directions on the box. It will sometimes tell you.

Valhalla *
i read that taking more than the recommended dosage of aspirin including advil does not do any better so just keep that in mind.

There is no real "effect" of extra strength Advil.....except possibly the caffeine. Check the label for dosage and when you are advised to take more and that would be the time frame. It could be slightly more or less depending on your weight and height.

It should tell you on the bottle how long.

Usually you need to wait 4 hours I think. The bottle should tell you how long to wait before you take more.

If you took 2 extra strength Advil and are still having a lot of pain you need to see your doctor and getting a stronger narcotic type pain med prescribed to you like vicodin or Tylenol with codeine. What kind of pain are you having and how long has it been going on?

big bad momma
it takes about four to six hours,it probably wasn't strong enough

I think after 4 hours you can take something, but they don't fully wear off for about 6 hours.

Feel better!

The angels have the phone box.
It actually depends on your body. I won't bore you with details of the P450 enzyme or the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 pathways. ;-) But the recommended times are actually for the test subjects, average healthy men. So the rest of us are just guessing.

Drink plenty of water, but slowly. This will help flush the pharms out of your system and will probably help you feel better anyway -- a lot of pain is actually related to dehydration.

You'd be fine now. If you only took 2. If you had taken 3-4 (600-800mgs.) then I would say 6-8 hours.

Dumpy Poofus
Does it say on the bottle?


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