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[♥]KaCiE LyNn[♥]
How does tea make you feel better?
Like when you have the flu your parents tell you to drink tea. But how does tea help?

you must take the tea and feel the energy within you it helps you lot to overcome from the stress
but use only one cup of tea in a day

green tea is good for the heart. without milk its better there is fat in milk

Tea, has calming chemicals, which sooth the body

I drink a cup of detox tea daily.

wierd and wounderful world of me
this is very british no metter wha tis wrong upset stomach, a death, put the kettle on have a cup of tea. it is very relaxing and has many antioxidents thats good for you, it always destresses me, no tea stresses me out, earl grey for me as it has darjeeling

Stephan T
Green tea is great, some studies have showned some advantages drinking it daily. The full benefits still unknown (studies are still in prcoess). It is tea leaves, doesn't hurt trying some thing billions drink, love and recommends it as a good thing. Hope this helps. GBY

Some of it is the heat and steam, but more of it is the .phytonutrients and antioxidants in the tea. Different teas will react differently in your body and boost immunity. The tea will give liquid benefits, and help support the cells and blood in its ongoing battle.

We've used teas for a long time. My mom always gave us black tea, but when I became a mom I started learning about the subtle differences in tea use. Ginger for upset stomach, lemon for sore throat, mullein for respiratory, chamomile for sleep, etc.

Good stuff, tea.

Adding honey to sweeten just gives you more great immune boosting benefits -avoid the refined white sugar though.

The steam can help congestion. mostly it's just a comfort thing. Warm, hot cozy drinks make you feel good, like hot cocoa. I think tea has antioxidants, but you don't feel much from them.

Elizabeth Enjoli
i love hot sweet tea with a peperment stick in it its great

always hits the spot

I`m not mean, your just a sissy
tea is a very powerful antioxident as well as containing theanine.

Polyphenols in tea have been known to:

Help protect cells from the normal, but damaging, physiological process known as "oxidative stress." Although oxygen is vital to life, it's also incorporated into reactive substances called free radicals. These can damage the cells in our body and have been implicated in the slow chain reaction of damage leading to heart disease and cancer.
Help prevent blood clotting
Help lower cholesterol levels
Help neutralize enzymes that aid in the growth of tumors
Help deactivate cancer promoters
Help stimulate the immune system
Tea also has fluoride for strong teeth

Apart from polyphenols, tea also contains a variety of ingredients that are beneficial to one's health.These include theanine These are known to:

Help fight against mutagenic agents
Delay aging
Help fight high blood pressure
Help fight against viral and bacterial infection
Help improve the functions of the digestive and excretory systems

To sum it up - by drinking 2-4 cups a day of tea, you can reap in the numerous curative and preventive tea benefits.


Wild Horses
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Thank you for your time.
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