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How do you bring a boil to a head.?
I had a list of home remedies but I must have deleted it.

keep a hot hot cloth on it the same as a ingrown hair or even toothpaste i was told at one time hope it helps you

I don't know the home remedies but I know you can buy a drawing salve over the counter at any drugstore. Apply it and wrap or bandage the area loosely. Monitor it. Depending on the type of boil, the pus could be full of staph and you wouldn't want to get that on you or anything that others may touch. Make sure you clean all areas thoroughly after the boil expresses itself.

cut a piece of brown banana peel just larger than the boil and place it over the boil with the inside of the peel against your skin using a band-aid to keep it in place, let it set for a couple hours and it should bring it to a head or try ichthammol ointment(found in most drug stores, sometimes known as boil-eze)

Prid sauve.

Wet a washcloth as hot as you can stand it and hold it against the boil til it cools. Reheat & repeat for as long as an hour at a time. This should work within 24 hours or less.

I heard that you put salt on it.

Epson Salt. If its in a place you and soak in a warm tub or bowl of water..add epson salt..it draws out all the puss inside the boil within a mintue or so.

hot towel

Try a hot wet towel or sitting in the bath tub with hot water. I had one before and I would poke it with a needle (cleaned with alcohol first) and I would squeeze the bacteria and puss out. Make sure you put an antiseptic or antibacterial medication on it afterwards to prevent infection. You may be left with a scar and/or bruise.

Janis J
Is this a boil or a large pimple? If its a boil you might want to have a doctor lance it and make sure you don't get further infection. If its a large pimple .. there are a few methods .. but if you force it you may cause scarring! .. The only one I've known to work is heating a small bottle (boiling .. hot) .. placing it over the boil and cooling it quickly with a cold cloth - this is supposed to draw the poison to the surface and pop the pimple .. gross .. also leaves a bruise and again .. forcing it can scar. Good Luck! (Eat Garlic!)

put something starchy on it like a potatoe
or flour or corn starch

warm moist heat..

Moist heat. Wet a washcloth, wring it out so that it's damp, put in the microwave for 30 seconds and apply. It can be reheated and remoistened as needed. Apply as often as possible for fastest results. Once it ruptures, it must be thoroughly cleaned and all pus removed to prevent reinfection. The pus will contain live bacteria.

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