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Ty Doyal
How do i get marijuana out of my system ?
how much water do i need to drink to get weed out of my system by tomarrow ?.. and is there any other way to get weed out of my system by tomarrow without leaving my house because im on house arrest ... help is appreciated ... thanx !

omg, if you are on house arrest you don't need to be smoking weed. haven't you learned a lesson.

Anyways, drink lots of water and unless you have been smoking alot of weed it should be out by tomorrow.

Just in case, I hope you have a good lawyer or lots of money to get you out of jail. OMG you are so going to be thrown in jail.

But your lose. SAY NO 2 DRUGS!!!!!!!!

haha Try not smoking it! Hope you *** gets thrown in jail!

green tea. if that's not available drink a lot of water (as much as you can) and pee as often as you can. if you're still worried then pour some bleach into the urine sample. it'll mess up the drug test.

umm well i would drink alot of water and pee alot cranberry juice will help it takes 30 days to get out of your system good luck

Mickie K
You are SO screwed!!! Takes 30 days or a pee kit. Since you can't go get one, could someone bring you one? about 50$ in any head shop. Worth it though.

Scream me a love song
lots of cranberry juice or laxatives...stuff thts gotta make you go
or lots and lots and LOTS of water...
but the laxative and cranberry juice thing is what i use when i have a belly ache

I'm sure some will tell you that you shouldn't smoke at all, but that is not your question.

In the baking isle of the grocery store, there is a product called, "Sure Gel". It is not found in the "Jello" isle. You mix the whole package with a quart of water and drink it. The gel coats your stomach and supposedly prevents the toxins from the marijuana from being detected the next day.

I bought two boxes and doused myself with it and I took a test and it was negative, but I cannot assure it will work for you because I don't know when you last smoked or for how long. If this is a urine test, drink lots of water before the test and start to pee before you give your sample. In the middle of peeing, then give your sample as the beginning and the end of doing this, the middle part seems to be the best specimen.

Hope this helps.

the best thing to do is not to smoke it coz it is not good for you but to be on the safe side it is good to smoke one joint in a month because that is what i did when i nearly lost it.eat a lot of food and don't sleep on it.

drink gallons of water to flush it out.I'm not 100% sure this will work but i know people who have done it and passed the drug test.but i've never done it myself.but you cant stop drinking water.

Theresa J
How stupid r u - seriously youre already in trouble, got your self on house arrest, and you high on weed. Weed generally takes about a month to get out of your system.


You have to deal with the consequences. How bout next time you just don't do it? You can't get it out of your system by tomorrow. And if you drink gallons of water, you'll die. So don't even try that.

random person
you're done- it takes up to a month to get it out of your system.
stop smoking in the first place.

Brenda D
ok, I do know this will work from personnel experience. you drink all the water you can take, I mean GUZZLE. keep drinking it constantly and pee as much as you can. drink at least a gallon withen 2-3 hours before they come to see you. this may not make you clean, but it will definaly be an unreadable ua. make sure your pee is white and no yellow in it. this will at least give you more time until they test you again. they can not hold an unreadable UA againt you.

gary h
They could take a hair sample for the next year and tell what you have done.

Don't use in first place. it doesn't matter how much you drink, marijuana can be detected in your hair even 5 years after you've used it.

Jen G
The fact that you are on house arrest probably should have persuaded you not to smoke.
I hate to tell ya, but I also think you are screwed. Contrary to popular belief, water doesn't really help much. THC is stored in fat cells. Depending on how much/often you smoke determines how long it would take your body to clear it. But definitely not by tomorrow love :(

These people are very misled. It depends on how much you have smoked and how recently. It doesn't take months, it takes about a week to be undetectable through urine. But you can still pass it, even if you took it the day before. If you haven't smoked for 3 days before your test, you can pass it pretty easily. If otherwise, its still very possible.

Excercise like crazy. Tomorrow, wake up early (4:00) and start chugging water. Use the bathroom at least 5 or 6 times before the test (thc builds up in your urine over night). Make sure your piss is really deluded by drinking as much water as you can right before the test. Take a B vitamin in the morning as well, so that your deluded piss will look yellow. Don't listen to the other answers, you can always pass a test.

Good luck

no jap crap
You are screwed.

Try Goldenseal and lots, I mean LOTS of water.

the only way to get weed out of your system is to STOP PUTTING IT THERE TO BEGIN WITH....maybe you should have thought about this BEFORE you realized you needed it out by tomorrow

Send someone to the grocery store- get Certo (a canning preservative)
mix with a quart of water- drink it all 3 hours prior to piss test.
Piss twice, give them the 3rd one.

If you do it right, it works everytime!

drinking water is not going to help you.the only way to get it out of your system is to stop using it. do you not know the consequences of using marijuana and or any other drugs.? the answer is sometimes death.

sMiLeY #10
i heard from two different people that sunflower seeds help

Kim W
I'll think of u in jail

angel star
don't do it again that's it you know its not good for you and it will probably take you not to house arrest but the real one

good old fashion time...2-3 weeks no smoking is the only way to get it out of your system completely (through urine test.) hair tests can linger for months. there is no such thing as the overnight quick fix. there are substances that can provide false negatives, but don't put all your money in that basket. the whizzinator is just about your only option http://www.whizzinator.com/

haha sorry good luck with that it may take mounths to get out of your system

Sticky Wicket
you need to stop smoking it. and you need to wait UP TO 4 weeks to get it completely outta your system. water can't de-toxyou off of marijuana.

Some people never learn, drink vinegar and water, no coffee.
Sounds like you are going to be in the poo.

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