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Ricky b
How do i clean out my system of THC in 2 days naturally?

I've heard a large cup of water with a cap full of bleach (try this at your own risk, I've known others to do it and they were fine) other than that, cranberry juice

Go back in time 28 days and slap the fatty outta yer own hand!
Something tells me that you KNEW you were gonna be p!ss tested soon,but ya still hadda hit the chomba! You big dummy!
Take yer lumps and learn yer lesson!
Ya gotta keep a low profile if yer gonna smoke,'cuz trouble like that comes in a jar labled with yer name on it if ya don't!

Oh yeah.....ya might wanna try drinkin' a gallon of water each day before the pee pee test.Flush yerself out! Drink a boat-load of water just before yer "appointment".It'll run right thru ya and dilute yer pee enuff to throw off the test.After ya chug the water DON'T let loose until ya get a jar in yer hand.Yer gonna want all that water in yer bladder to end up in the sample.

Rick B
Take it from an old hand at this, 28-30 days is the ONLY way to rid it out of your body. There may be ways of masking it from urine testing but none to rid it that fast.

sleepless in NC
You can't remove the THC in 2 days. DO NOT drink bleach, it can erode through you trachea and you would die! You can buy drinks to mask THC in a urine specimen, but it takes about 30 days for it to leave your system naturally. This does depend on how much and how often you smoke. If you only smoke once or twice a month it may not even show up on a urine drug screen, as most are testing for a certain level in your urine. Extremely low levels won't read as positive.

It Co$t To Be Around The Bo$$
Certo and cranberry juice lots of it.

Drink LOTS of water, if you can stand vinegar or pickle juice drink some of that. I heard Niacin tablets from GNC work..... And no I do not smoke.. I just know people who do.

Easy....dont smoke pot to begin with....

Niacin. It works. I know people who have done it.

Dont do the bleach thing, you'll end up in the hospital I promise you that.

Only thing I'd recommend is cruise around to your local "head shops" and ask them if they have any products that cleanse your system. Don't mention THC, dont mention Cannabis, Just say you need to take a drug test and you need a product that cleasnes your system. Drink lots of Cranberry juice and lots of Water, to the point where your constantly urinating. Start brushing your teeth and using mouthwash with lots of alcohol as much as you can the day before and the day of the test. I'm talking brushing your teeth like 7 times a day. (this kills cells in your mouth and washes them away incase its a mouth swab test).

Still your best bets are to either get the expensive kit that cleanses your system, or to sneak in urine from someone else that doesn't consume and illegal substances. Easy way to do that is with condoms and rubber bands. Fill up the condoms, tie them off tightly, rubber band them to your leg bring a needle with you(sticking it in your shoe works good). When you go into the bathroom your usually alone so just poke a hole in the condom, fill it up to the point they need and then take the used condoms with you(id recommend washing them before you put them in your shoe or whatever so you wont smell like urine). dont leave rubber bands, needles or condoms behind.

Heavy smokers (smoking lots every day) can rid themselves completely of THC by just not smoking for 30 days.

Light smokers that just smoke once or twice durring the week or even less usually only take a week or two to get it all out of their system. Sometimes even less i guess it depends on the person.

Good luck, hope you pass for job/sports or whatever. Only thing wrong with cannabis is its legal status. If its a job, I'd recommend finding one that doesn't require pissing in a cup unless its a career choice, in which case you should have quit sooner.

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