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How do I make myself sick so I can get off school? (Urgent!)?
I have school tomorrow (yes, i know, on a saturday) and I have a pile of work to hand in which i haven't done, how can I make myself ill for a few hours tomorrow morning using things around the house? Preferably something that will make me throw up (yes I'm that desperate), because otherwise my parents/teachers won't be convinced.
Please don't give unhelpful answers, if you disapprove then just don't answer the question.

college girl
go barf in class or in the bathroom floor

i was took some vitamin c chewable pills and some tums pills, made me throw up thow i didnt do it on purpose but i cant really see the harm in it so try it i gues just dont over do it, maybe it will work for you

2 or three caffiene pills

Eat stuff you usually don't eat,stuuf your self and eat real fast

Erm go to school you annoying little rat.

Go to school. Face your life. Grow-up. If you try to make yourself sick, you may severely injure yourself in the process. Do NOT do anything like that just because someone you don't even know recommends it on a forum like this. It is dangerous.


fabienne s
do not make yourself sick.
Overcome your problems by using art therapy

I been there, done that so I'm not going to judge you for it...however being older and wiser I think if you are going to be sneaky and dishonest (you get that this is not a sign of integrity on your part right?) you are better off cutting class and faking a sick note or having someone call in for you AND not hurting your body. Good luck.

richard c
ipecac syrup, makes yu hurl!!big time! they use it in poison cases?

I know you said not to answer if i disagreed but I'm going to. Fess up to your parents and go to school.

Gypsy Girl
There is nothing you can use to make you sick that will not cause damage. I suggest you get off you computer and start doing the work that needs to be handed in tomorrow. If you have to, work all night. Caffine will help to keep you awake.

ur dumb. just do your work instead of wasting your time on yahoo answers asking stupid questions.

if your parents have laxatives.........take or eat a bunch of them....make you poop for the entire day.

If you absolutely MUST throw up, SYRUP OF IPECAC makes you throw up. You can find it in most drug stores. It is used to cause vomiting, so that if you have swallowed something poisonous, you can get it out of your system. PLEASE make sure that you follow that directions carefully, though, because if you take too much, you can do great harm to your body. Oh, and next time, do procrastinate som much! :) (Been there, done that!) Good Luck!

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