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How do I clear the tar out of my lungs?
I smoked weed for about 30 years and I know that I have diminished lung capacity. I sing and I can't hold a note very long at all. How can I clear all of the tar out that I know is in there? I haven't smoked in 5 months and I'm not coughing up any gunk at all. Please help.
Thank you.

Look the dmage is done and there is no way to get rid of the tar in your lungs. It isn't like they have something that magically breaks up the tar and you cough it up. It is permantly in there and has done it's damage. You should have thought about the consequences before smoking weed for over 30 years. No ones fault, but your own.

Drink some tar remover.

Pineapple and vegetable oil..Take a tablespoon and crush a pineapple and mix it with vegetable oil..You only need a tablespoon full of pineapple...Do that every few hours...You'll start to loosen up the tar in your lungs..

Macrophages in lungs engulf tar deposits and makes it ineffective. It takes a total of five years to your lungs to become normal again.

hi fanny, try this. Take honey regularly, and apart from this do praanayam, which is a breathing exercise in yoga, and one more exercise is called kapal bhaati, this will help atleast in ur singing and reducing the tar if not entirely cleaning it, all the best.

it takes your lungs @ 10 yrs. to clean up

You don't clear that stuff out. It stays with you forever.

It's there and staying hon. No way can you get it out. They haven't invented anything to rid your lungs of the tar from weed smoking or cigarette smoking.

There was a skit on SNL in the 80's about "The Lung Brush" with Chris Farley. It was pretty gross stuff to see coming out of his lungs.....LOL! The Lung Brush? Geez, what next?~

Alex F
Technically the answer is no, there is nothing you can do. However I know two specific things that work.

The first one involves doing a lot of parayama breathing correctly. I know a guy who smoked a couple kilos of weed/hash and then lived in a cave for about 6 months for a meditation thing, and said that when he started doing the breathing, things began coming out of his lungs, to the point he was able to make about 15 gallons of tar black mucus over the time he was in the cave (or as he would put it, I cannot believe how much stuff was in me). That however is hard, and requieres a lot of skill and discipline to do.

Option number two is to breathe a hydrogen peroxide mist (or something similar to that). I read a book called O2 therapies (there are newer versions out I have not looked at, but the one I specifically used was http://www.amazon.com/O2xygen-Therapies-New-Approaching-Disease/dp/0962052701/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3/102-8501991-3267342?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1192997508&sr=8-3)
Amongst other things, it detailed a couple of case studies where peroxide was able to clear all the gunk out of a smokers lungs, and explained how and why it worked (both mechanisms seemed plausible to me). I talked to one other person about this who had done it, and they gave me a "yea it works." However, since I have no direct experience I cannot say for certain it's correct, just that I'm pretty sure it is. So anyhow, your best bet would be to look into that, it's just not a very well known procedure, so you'll have to investigate it yourself :P
If you have any more questions or you end up deciding to do this and it works, get back to me.

Hope that helps!

Contact www.edgarcayce.org in Virginia Beach.

Ask where to purchase a charred oak keg (they have an associated store) which will come with instructions.

This treatment was given by Edgar Cayce and is said to not only provide relief but also will completely heal the tissues of the lungs if done correctly and consistently over an extended period of time.

The process is to inhale the fumes from apple brandy kept in the keg along with some charcoal (which extracts harmful toxins from the brandy) regularly. The fumes enter the lungs and heal the tissues, which become gradually rejuvenated to the point that they are completely refreshed.

There was a warning attached to this cure which was that if the person resumed smoking after using this cure - new damages would not be reversible. It did not explain why.

However, other study I have done suggests that once the lungs have been restored from the condition caused by smoking, they become more vulnerable to toxic elements than before.

A person close to me experienced relief using this process.

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