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How can i use ginger to ease nausea?

If you don't like the taste you don't have to eat or drink it you can buy an ginger oil. put 2 drops on a tissue and sniff it. This is how my mum stopped me and my sister from throwing up travelling

Make your own ginger beer


Fresh Ginger root
Boost your Metabolism
fresh ginger root is a good way to start the day for an effective daily metabolic boost. Ginger helps fevers/colds as it warms the body and increases metabolism. Simply slice the root (after cutting away the outside peel) into a couple cups of water. Use about a thumb full amount boil for about 10 min covered (this will steep and increase the extraction process)You can save the tea for the following morning as well. store in the fridge and reheat.

eating ginger biscuits actually works. also you can buy ginger tea, gingerbread - allsorts. For some people the smell of ginger is enough to help the nausea, so open up your spice jar and smell it gently, or sniff at a lump of ginger root. That worked for me as well.

drink ginger ale or ginger beer. or buy ginger root and make ginger tea with it and you can also buy ginger capsules.

Sinead G
either make ginger tea or chew crystallised ginger or stem ginger. to make the tea just put peeled sliced fresh ginger root into a hot teapot and pour over boiling water, leave to infuse for 3 or 4 minutes and then drink! you can obviously sweeten it with honey if you wanted or let it cool. it's fantastic for morning sickness and nausea caused by medication. good luck! hope it helps - nothing worse than your tummy being upset!

Haven't tried that but I know lemon juice helped me.

its good to chew, or boil for tea, or eat a gingernut bicky, crystalised ginger. all realy good for morning sickness.

i use ginger for nausea and period pains. works a treat in both cases. cut up a one inch square piece of ginger and put it in a cup. pour over boiling water and put a saucer over the top. leave 5 minutes before drinking.

it also clears the sinuses!

Grate some ginger and put it in a mug of hot water.Grate it into
your food & over salads.It's very good for you.It is great in stir

Tickle me pink
i drink ginger tea and have ginger biscuts with it. this has really helped me, im no longer sick everytime i eat. (it wasn't voluntary)

Grate 2 teaspoons fresh ginger into a cup and pour 8 ounces just boiling water over it. Let steep 10 minutes then strain, add honey to taste.
Eat about 2 pieces candied ginger to ease nausea.

sam r
use a peeler shred some and put in cup with water nuke 2min.sip.

Slice fresh ginger root into stiprs and put it in a mug. Pour boiling water over and let it brew for a few minutes. Add a bit of honey. Warms you up and very good for your stomach.

Make tea or just buy ginger biscuits.

You can boil in and use the water in your tea.(Ginger tea)

The Instigator
Try peeling and mincing it, and soaking/mashing in water. Then strain and drink. Add honey if you want.

I recommend that people with heartburn try that, but not sure what it does to nausea.

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