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How can i clean out my digestive system the natural way?

Dr Frank
The concept of cleaning out you digestive tract is both a meaningless and functionless concept. You're hinting at detox, a myth created solely by constipated Edwardians who ate no vegetables. It has no health advantages.

Go for 2 days with nothing but water. No food, no soda, no juice. It really works!

Lots and Lots and Lots of water

Either detox, drink only water for 2 days.
Or, Eat some prunes.... :P

Eat foods high in fibre. Eat fruit, vegetables.
Eg. Muesli, Kellogs Fruit 'n' Fibre, prunes

Barbara E
You can eat nothing but fresh fruits and juices and drink lots of water. Do this for three days. At the end of the three days, on the fourth day, eat normally but take 1 Tblsp of Metamucil mixed in water three times that day. The fruit and water pretty much clean out large debris. The Metamucil will sweep out the small stuff. You should do this once every six months. There is also a product called "Dual Action Cleanse" by Cellular Research, Phone 1 800 941 0163. That stuff does really work well, and it is natural herbs and enzymes, no laxatives.

Keith S
look for pineapples because thay have natural fibers that sweep ur digestive systems... or look for any veggies or fruits with a lot of fiber.


Take yogurt everyday. You will have soft stool, nice complexion, healthy, improve your immunity system, etc...Check it out in the internet regarding yogurt benefits.

Have a 3 days diet with row fruit, row vegetables and water but don't starve yourself because your body will store fat.

a slice of lemon in hot water this will clean u out i do this and it works brill and its so good for u

water theapy: drink close to a ltr of water just as you wake wake up in the morning, not at one go, u can give it short intervals. and also try having fruit salad (ice cream on top if you want)

Frankie S
I take Physillium husks. It swells in the intestine and absorbs everything as well as scraping the walls. You just dissolve them in a glass of water.

I use prune juice drink that and dont leave the house for a few hours ( you'll know why) AFTERWARDS YOU FEEL GREAT and it dosent hurt that it helps me maintain my weight. oh drink at least 8- 12 ounces .. NO NEED TO THANK ME . JUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND THANK GOD!!!!

this drink is called the Master Cleans Drink,
"Start each day with the so-called Master Cleanse Drink - which combines a cup of water, the juice of half an organic lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and 2 tsp of honey, organic maple syrup or molasses over a gentle heat to serve warm."

please se this article for more info:

ஐ♥P u S s y CaT♥ஐ♥its a GIRL!!!!
eat just grapes every other day for a week!! it is magical

Cleaning your digestive system is the best you can do for your body and overall health. I had a lot of health problems , but when i learn how to take good care of my self, especially of digestive track, i am a total different person. Cleanse the liver,go to google, LIVER CLEANSE and use that recipe with Epsom salt and apple juice , and olive oil with grapefruit. I did this cleansing for 5 times in 4 years, and every time i eliminated stones and fat from the gallbladder and liver. After that, take acidophilus and aloe Vera and you should be recovered in 1 week or so. Another product that i will recommend after the cleansing , is COLON CLEANSE, it has fiber, acidophilus etc. Good luck!!!!!!!

Increase your intake of fiber and water. A product like psyllium hulls will increase your fiber and help clean out your digestive system. You may also consider a natural colon cleanse which includes natural laxatives like senna or cascara sagrada, particularly if you're constipated. I used a 7 Day Colon cleanse (http://www.vitabase.com/supplements/digestive-health/colon-health-natural-laxatives/7daycolon.aspx) and found it effective, easy to do and not harsh on my system.

Eat 3x dried dates and 1x dried fig with a bowl of cereal (like fruit n fibre) every morning. Chop them up and put them in the bowl, they are nice and sweet so you dont need any added sugar.

That is a sure thing to clear you out in a very healthy way!

There is no need 'clean it out'. If you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg and wholemeal grains your system will clean itself through naturally and stay healthy.
Plenty of fibre is the key.

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