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How can I help make my bowel movements regular besides taking a fiber supplement?
My BM is every 3-5 days. Do I need a colon cleanse? If so, what should I do?

Mary D
you need a colon cleansing big time. www,blessedherb.com can help

You need to Kill yeast with a candida clear or better then that use a product called candidol .Builds immune system so your body gets rid of invaders.

Susan Yarrawonga
Besides drinking more water you need to improve your diet.

More fruit and vegies and bread, cereals and muesli and pasta, potatoes and nuts.

Red meat is the worst and can give you colon cancer and eggs are no good either. Fish is better than chicken.

Liquid chlorophyll and apple cider vinegar are supposed to be two good colon cleansers.

Beside eating well with lots of veggies and fruits, drinking lots of water...I take yogurt pills daily. It contains millions of bifidus and acidophilus bacteria that helps you stay healthy and regular. It works better than eating yogurt. Also, eating cherries or drinking 100% cherry juice works too but don't drink too much of it, you don't want to stay in the bathroom forever.

Try Pro-Biotics. Two pills in morning and two at night. Also try some enzymes. Cut out all dairy products and drink half your body weight of water each day.
These things will certainly make you feel better.

Honestly, my husband suffered from constipation until I discovered an amazing cereal. Nature's Path Flax Raisin Bran...it's SUPER high in fiber & works wonders. Try it!!! You can get coupons for it on The Healthy Shopper website. If you're not having a BM atleast once a day then you're considered to be constipated. I would consider seeing a nutritionist to discuss your diet because it sounds like you're really lacking in fiber. You need to increase your water intake, & fruits & veggies big time!

allen a
not normal.work out.

Fruit, veggies, unrefined whole foods, daily exercise, 6-8 glasses of water daily.... sit yourself on the toilet every day, taking your time, (at roughly the same time each day) and ensure you are uninterrupted to do your business.

A colon cleanse is not necessary.

I have actually heard that you want regular BMs. I have them almost every day, but them I'm vegan, and I end up eating a lot of fiber. You do NOT want stuff hanging around your digestive system for days on end. Don't use a supplement, but eat foods high in fiber--fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Dried fruits will really get you moving, pun intended. Drink a lot of fluids as well. Oatmeal is good, and so is granola sprinkled in soy yogurt. If you eat cereal, make sure it has at least 3 or 4 grams of fiber per serving. It can't hurt to toss in some raisins in your cereal to up your fruit intake.

Good luck!

I try to eat some oatmeal or some fruit before I go to bed.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet... if you don't want to take any added fiber (meaning no extra oatmeal or fruit), try some probiotics and/or enzymes. They help most people a lot more than just adding fiber.
Enzymes help the digestion of the food in your stomach (there's a variety of enzymes for the different foods that they digest), and probiotics help the absorption of the nutrients in your intestinal tract.

Most people get a lot of help from probiotics for consistency of their BMs. A colon cleanse would really just liquefy what's in there now and purge it.... it's not a long-term fix at all.

Also, in case you're wondering... you do NOT need to have a BM every day, much less every other day. Once a week is rather unhealthy, but every 2-4 days is pretty normal for a lot of people.

mom 2
don't think the colon cleanse is essential
drink 8 glasses of water per day and take some exercise, walking is as good as anything structured

oatmeal for breakfast along with 2 slices of wheat bread keeps me going once a day....oatmeal also lowers cholesterol...give it a try maple and brown sugar is very tasty...

::A'La Mode::
dont need a colon cleanse, dont need a fiber supplement, need a better diet. I think grains & veggies work good. also certain food will soften your stool making it easier to pass. the same way some foods make your bm more regular, other foods also constipate you, like cheese. Figure out what they are, cuz im not a doctor honey :) but i do know all you should do is change your diet.

Every person have their own BM.Some ppl have 3 bm per day,others have a bm every 3 days.You are in the 2nd catagory. If you are not constipated or do not have any symptoms,pain for eg. its completly normal. But if you want to be like most ppl to have 1bmper day, go to the toilet each morning before work at the same exact time, your body will adjust to it but it needs some time.

Answer Fairy
Drink warm water. Dunno why it works but it does. If you want to MAKE yourself go (but very gently), add about a teaspoon of epsom salt to your warm water. I drink a cup of tea, first thing when I wake up. About 20 minutes later, I gotta go. Then I shower and start my day.

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