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i have a bad knee and i am looking for a great ...

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Been diagnosed with depression but dont really want to take the meds..can anyone reccomend any herbal or alternative ways to help with this..thanks
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the muscles iin my arms also ache and i am weak all the ...

 How do i ask people for weed?
Hi. ive never bought weed before..and ive only smoked it once with my friend, but it was very very little and i didnt get the full experience.. So before i go into college and start a career where i ...

 What one food can you live on for the rest of you life...?
i heard on the radio from some spritual teacher that you can fully sustain your body drinking only cow's milk for the entire extension of your life, he said there were another two but the ...

 What does tylonall with codine look like?

Is there anyone out there with an alternative medicine answer for the pain of Fibromyalgia, and Myofacial Syndome????....

 My gf is 2 month pregnant. any pills to abort pregnancy. i want the name of the pills?
20 years pregnant girl wants to abort the child with tablets. Please help her in suggesting some tablets which are risk free. Cant afford abortion so please suggest names of ...

 Is Coke Cola with lemon can cure flu?
From many people and show..i found out that they always use Coke Cola with lemon to cure flu when there is no medicine....is it true that we could use this method?...

How can I get my husband breast to grow?
My husband wants to make his breast grow so he can wear a bra.

Nick H
Have him go to a plastic surgen, but may i add your husband is a very strange and creepy man.

U r CRAZY!!!! Go to a Contsaler OMG

Just when I think the questions can't get any weirder...

Garden by M
buy him a training bra, once he wears that everyday, he will get tired of it...

female hormones ,
is he an Amazon ,
that he has only one????

I love my Fiance'
thats is weird, but there are pills for women that change your hormones to make your breast grow an extra cup size and it doesnt cost that much, but i dont know if it will work for guys, if not then tell him to get implants...(or stuff) lol

Tissues have worked for young girls for many generations. Kleenex!

jeff b
Touch or massage it always............

oh my goodness

look I'm beening mean but he has problems and issues hes a sicko.....

he sounds like he has some issues. A bra is probably the least of his problems.

Why would he want to wear a bra?

Annette R
Fatten him up. Buy an Italian cookbook and fill him with wonderful food.

Groo The Wanderer

He could take estrogen, which will suppress his testosterone, but why does he want to do that?

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