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Home remedies to help make your bowls to move?

Additional Details
sorry for the spelling of bowles but it is for a family member with cancer no one is perfect at spelling

Eat like 5 small containers of yogurt.

Gray Wanderer
You can eat prunes, eat spinach, drink different teas, fennel is a strong laxative and is always used with caution, drink a teaspoon of flax seeds in water, or drink dieters tea, those are full of laxatives. But always discuss things with your doctor. I have never tried the fennel or flax, but if you eat black liquorice then you know what I mean.

gentle giant
Drink lots of water and take a walk. Walking around will help get things going.

drink senna tea two cups, you will poop withen 8 hours

drink water plentyyy

you could try setting them out onto the kitchen table and then shake it. that would make your bowls move at home

lots of mineral oil! prunes, raisins, and bran. Juices and dairy can bind you. Green veggies. Also try sitting in a warm bath. It relaxes your bowel muscels. You'ld be surprised how well that works!!

ew! and it's spelled bowles. nasty question.

Fibre baby! Load up on fibre rich cereals and . . . well . . . y'know. Cautionary note: SLOOOOOOWLY add fibre to your diet. If you add it too quickly you will be in a lot of abdominal pain!!! Good luck and hope everything comes out fine! lol

Drink several glasses of water but add 1/4 tablespoon of unrefined sea salt to tthree of those glasses of clean water. This has doubled my bowel movements.

milk is a laxative, mints and currys can also help you poo.

I personally don't know how to make bowls move, but if your talking about bowels that's another story. Eat cabbage, prunes, fruit, muesli and lot's of water that will help.

throw them..bowls

castor oil.

epsom salt..drink it in some water...or eat something greasy..it will make you "poop"

yeah, drink a glass of O.J. immediately following a glass of milk. That'll do you in for a while.

papaya fruit, safest and parctical way. it has natural acids that will soften your stool without having pain. eat more veggies, fruits, drink plenty of water. Follow this, you might get hemorrhoid if not. be safe!

I wish that you had asked about "bowels", but I don't know about "bowls". Shake hem maybe???
OK; family member with cancer thats different!

1. Ask your cancer doc
2. Add fiber to your diet: Fruits,Veggies, whole cereals, METAMUCIL or CITRACEL is best
3. Drink plenty of fluids; caffeine in coffee is good too it increases bowel motility. Prune juice is great also
4. Get exercise; take several short walks every day. Movement stimulates the bowels.
5. Pharmaceuticals (bowel motility drugs)
If he is on narcotic pain meds they can be the cause of it also

SUMMARY: "THE FOUR F's" Fluid Fiber Fitness "F"armaceuticals

I Study Herbs
If the person has cancer, he/she needs to speak to his/her doctor about this. Home remedies are fine but the meds he/she is on as a result of the cancer have to be taken into account and only his/her physician can truly evalute this situation.

sOuL dOcToR
As a Homeopath I can help but for That I do need to know details about the person.As what and how the person feels and what things make him feel better and what worse and all the other symptoms and modalities
If you can post the details I can tell you the remedy !
Take care and God Bless !

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