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Haven't had a bowel movement in nearly 5 days - what to do?
I've tried:bran, cascara segrada, psyllium, oral laxative (prodium & metamucil), prune juice, water, exercise, coffee, oatmeal, carrots, beans, glycerin suppository, even an enema. Nothing is working and I'm feeling nauseous most of the time.
I live in a remote area of the rocky mountains and we do have a hospital in the area, but that's where people go when they're nearly dead, not when they can't poop!
I'd really appreciate any advice. I am willing to try just about anything. There is a large store about an hour away, so don't be afraid to suggest store-bought cures as well as ones that might grow wild.
Thank-you to all who will take the time to read and answer this.
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Thanks folks. Since the majority of you strongly suggested that I seek medical attention, I guess I'll head over to the hospital after I've had a couple hours of sleep (been working all night).
As for the suggestions re. epson salts, I forgot to add that in my list of things I've tried already tried too. The only things I haven't tried are the magnesium drinks, the marijuana and the snorting of the Anacondas (or whatevers). I'm pretty sure the last two items won't be available at the store in town!
Well, here's hopin' that I don't blow up or die or puke poop (is that for real? just kill me now!).

Actually despite the fact that you may not like this...

Drink lots of water and exercise...
Stop taking all pain medicines, and avoid asprin and ibuprofen..

If that doesn't work...

Epsom Salts mixed with water drunk 2ce will work really well just read the directions... your looking at a movement within 4 hrs...

Glycerin Suppositories work generally within 4 hrs (can be bought at pretty much any store)...

If you absolutely cannot have a bowel movement and still feel embarresed... there are some illegal alternatives (and sometimes legal)...

I suggest trying these only if it continues this way for a week.

Smoking Marijuana generally causes a bowel movement within 24 hours...

Aderol (usually snorted) produces a bowel movement within 6 hrs...

If none of these works... you need to see a doctor.

well if you have an obstruction you may die, so you should really consider going to the hospital. Poop is a toxin it WILL poison your body.

Well if you have already gone to the hospital then I may have found your poster question to late... but if not then here are my best home remedies...

Eat a salad, making sure you include a generous portion of sprouts-alfalfa, sunflower, radish and/or lentil. The roughage helps you go.

Put a half dozen cloves in a mug and add a half-cup of just boiled water and let it steep overnight. Then first thing in the morning drink the clover water.

Eat lots of cooked cabbage it is high in natural fiber and can help make you go.

A tablespoon of aloe vera juice in the am and another before bed (it tastes horrible FYI)

overnight, soak four to six prunes in just-boiled water. In the morning eat the prunes and drink the water.

Swallow a few white or black mustards seeds whole (daily)

An aromatherapy bath that works often: Put warm water in your bathtub along with a dozen drops of rose gallica (available at most health food stores or herabl shops) Relax in the top for 15 mins or more and do this at least 3 times a week.

A recipe to keep you regular Candy a Go-Go
Process or finely chp 1/2 lb of prunes, 1/2 lb of raisins, 1/2 lb of figs, 1/4 lb of apricots, then combine them with 1/2 cup of unprocessed oat or wheat bran. Throughly mix the ingrediants together. In an 8 inch square cake pan, evenly distribute the mixture. Cut into bite-sized squares, wrap each square in cellophane and keep the batch in the fridge. Eat 1 or 2 pieces daily.

Good luck I hope at least one of these dose the trick for you!

rajan naidu
drink castor oil u will get immediate motion

Hopelessly Devoted
Most of the time if your that far away you can just call the doc or hospital and ask to speak to a nurse, that's what I would do. Good luck.

your name is wipeyerbum?......not very "apt" is it!........Don't worry about your little problem...my maximum period was 14 days!!.....you will enjoy it when it comes!!

~*~Feelin' Froggy~*~
It can happen if you are taking pain killers, especially narcotics (Vicodin, Percoct, etc) stop taking those if possible. I would definitely suggest you seeing a doctor though. There is a medication (prescription) called Colace, it's a pretty strong medication. Otherwise you'll just have to wait it out. I feel for you! That happened after my neck surgery operation. Got stopped up for almost a week as well. Good luck!

Drink LOTS of water like many have suggested, go for a long walk, too. Flax seeds or flax meal on yogurt or just chew the whole flax seeds. I put flax seeds on food every day to avoid having this problem. It helps keep me "regular" in that one area!

Wipe yer bum.

You are impacted my friend and it could just be dried sh** blocking the works up - this happens after surgery when a person is on pain killers which stop the colons action leaving the stuff sitting there while the body reabsorbs any moisture that was going to help it leave the body - try an enema, it may be all that is needed to get it moving. A friend had this and the nurse actually reached up and removed the blockage by hand. Truth!

This really works. I've used it for all of my babies when they are constipated and my husband used it yesterday. Take one tablespoon of Karo Syrup (corn syrup). It works with a few hours.

You need to see a doctor, please. Don't wait until you're nearly dead - something could be seriously wrong.

Iain N

I think you should have like papaya & milk fruit shake!
Blend it all together and drink.
Hope that will help, either way I think you should seek medical attention all right!

a cup of coffee and a cigarette does it 4 me.. but lots of water and fruit should due it 4 you.. not everyone goes everyday.. but i would think you know whats normal 4 you.. you can also type in constipation in the search bar of google and maybe find some relief..

I really think you should go to the doctor now good luck

have you tried drinking lots of water and moving around. Mix a dose of milk of magnesia with half a cup of prune juice with lots of water round the clock.

Sounds to me as though you really do need the hospital if you have tried all of those things and still can't go.

You may have a bowel obstruction and they need to do an xray and possibly a CT Scan to make sure. If so, the doctor may give you IV antibiotics to clear it. You need to drink lots of water and don't eat anything until AFTER you have seen the doctor. If you start vomiting, it could become really serious.

Ok moving .. u can try exercise and lots of water... u must drink a lot... but u can get sick with this u can start to vomit up excretal matter if u get too bogged up see a doc u could have something jammed or twisted who knows..i rememember once i did this hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... culdnt flush the toilet either... man.... after that i ate regularly but it came down to nervs was why it happened

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