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 Best homeopathic medicine for insomnia?
i lost my father in jan in painful condition,,now me unable to sleep witout alpax etc..meditation also not works,pls guide any homeopathic med for ...

Have you ever been cured from a health problem by using natural remedies?
cuz I have.

All my cures come from natural remedies. Why would you ask that question in a forum that advocated cures using alternative medicine? What is the point?

oh yeah- i'm all about herbs, homeopathic and natural remedies. What's better then all natural stuff? Have used several things to get rid/ help with pains and aches, vision, stomach/indegestion problems, female stuff...etc.

yes, I have. I was able to come off some serious medications by using herbs to replace them. Once I was better, I then stopped taking the herbs.

yes, a thousand times yes..i have been studying this for most of my life, and i truely believe that there is a natural cure for everything...if you want more details..feel free to email me..

Albert Einstein
of course..most health problems are related to poor diet and exercise! and most medecines are concentrates or extracts from herbs or other things from nature.

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Yes, I have been cured from persistent digestive problems.

Cured my high cholesteral with diet and natural supplements and cured my severe hives with colonix and detox. I use alternative medicine for everything!

I use natural stuff all the time. One of my fav's is Golden Seal Root. It's a natural antibiotic. I use it for everything-from warding off the flu to curing mosquito bites, and it got rid of some scars I had. The uses are endless.

in all honesty probably a good 75% of the crap doesnt work. the body heals itself and everyone just assumes it was the herb they took

Yes, I have also. I had a gallstone...a HUGE one. All the doctors wanted to do was take out my gallbladder. I found some homeopathic pills that dissolved the stone...and flushed it out of my system. Yea!!

thirsty mind
YES!!!THANK GOD!!! Please tell me about yours.

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