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Additional Details
jd88: that's not what I asked....

 What is the most effective natural remedy for anxiety and depression?
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Foods, herbs and etc to make cancer cells self destruct?
I have read about foods, herbs and etc that are suppose to cause cancer cells to self destruct. Can anyone tell me what some of them are?

There are no such foods and herbs. If there were, there'd be no cancer because we'd all have used those foods and herbs now for years and years...

That Sounds a bit Jubyus

1000% certain herbs etc will NOT work to fight cancer. They probably will cause you to die a few years sooner since you wasted time not going to a medical doctor.

Eric S
The Mangosteen fruit has been very helpful with Cancer. www.mangosteenmd.com

I'm not sure about the food aspect, but I do know that Cancer Miasm Homeopathic formulas have proven worthy.
check out link below

That is not a naturopathic remedy. We believe in self healing but removing the obstacles to enable it. The best way to treat cancer is to take care of the over all general health so it does have the right tools to isolate and fight off cancer. Eat right the best you can, lots of fluid intake, Vitamins and minerals. Very, very important I cannot stress how important that is most of all and plenty of rest for regeneration. Without regeneration the body cannot regroup.

David S
According to a brochure published by the American Cancer Institute, the phytochemicals found in cruciferous
fruits and vegetables help the body fight cancer and should be a part of our DAILY diet.

Unfortunately, the USDA has said that less than 1% of Americans come even close to eating enough of these fruits and vegetables and another report from them said that if all Americans did eat these, we would need an additional 6 million acres of farmland in production to grow it all.

Cancer cells do not grow in an alkaline environment. Just research it.

Check out "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine" by Dr Michael Murray ND. It is on of the best books available on the subject. See also "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Pat Quillen, who has more degrees than a thermometer. Good Luck! Books are available on Alibris if you can't find a copy locally.

Kelley E
I got rid of my own Stage 4 cancer in two weeks using habeneros peppers and freshly grated garlic, along with emulsified fish oil. If no weight is being lost, evening primrose oil would be my choice instead of the fish oil.

Grate the peppers and the garlic each day, and put them on bread with some butter to quell the heat.

It makes ya breath heavily for a minute which is a good thing because it pumps the diaphragm and therefore the lymph.

That was nine years ago. Since then researchers at UCLA have found that peppers by themselves shrink tumors 80%.

They found that ginger does the same thing. Freshly grated (daily) ginger can be used in place of the peppers if the person cannot tolerate peppers.

The combo of habeneros and garlic is way too much for the cancer to survive.

Good luck and be well.


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