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answer plz
Drug Test: Can the doctor tell if a guy used his girlfriends pee?


JaZ hearts JaX
Of course!! Especially if she about to or have just finished going through a monthly cycle or if she is pregnant.

yes beacuase of the chemicals in your pee it basically tells your dna

Yup especially if she's on birth controll.

yes, because men and women have different hormones in their urine, what happens if it comes back prego. then i think hes going to get it.

#1 Newman Fan
I don't know if they can tell the difference in your urine or your girlfriends. However, urine tests for drug screening is usually done with a thermometer heat strip on the side of the sample cup. If the sample provided is not up to the regular body temperature, the sample will not be used and the participant will be asked to provide another sample.

Maybe he can't tell if it's the girlfriends because there's nothing to compare it to but the doctor should definitely be able to tell the difference between guy pee and girl pee. They'll run the test and then "the guy" will be screwed.



It would be funny if he came back and said "you're pregnant"

Of course, females and males have different chemical compounds in their urine. I hope she was not pregnant, he'd look really stupid.

Only if they are checking for the stuff in it besides drugs,cause women's pee has different chemicals or hormones..than a guys urine.

If it is a drug test then they probably won't be testing for hormones or pregnancy. BUT... some cups have a color coded temperature gage on the side. So they can tell if the urine is fresh by the temperature. If it is room temperature, you are IN TROUBLE !

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