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shawn b
Does vinigar clean meth out of your system?
what cleans meth or illegal drugs out of your system

Only if you shoot it up.

I have to say that meth is the most terrible drug on the planet and you should stop. That said take B12 (about 5 of them) and drink lots of water right before if its a urine test. The B12 will cause your urine to be yellow regardless of how much water you drink. If your sample was completely clear you would be suspected of over hydrating. If it is a blood or hair test you are screwed.

Can't stess enough about how bad meth can be. be safe.

water is the best and CHEAPER than illegal drugs.

You know, smart answers are not needed. Vinegar will not work for you.
You will need a cleanse to take it out of your body.
The vitamin stores will give you hair, blood, saliva and urine cleanses but you must ask specifically for them. When cleansing, follow the directions EXACTLY or you will get bad results. Try to get away from this drug. It is extremely harmful to your body and mind. There will be long term side effects that you will regret later in life-if you make it that far.

If you are trying to beat a piss test, you need to buy clean urine. (Unless the test is observed, in which case you better wear your lucky socks).

Nothing is going to mask meth in your system, and you cannot speed up your liver, regardless of what people claim.

Drinking large amounts of water and then taking B12 will get you caught. It will pass a visual inspection for color, however, the specific gravity and the amount of creatine will be out of whack and they will know you are attempting to mask drug use. You can add creatine (weight lifting powders) but you have no idea how much it would take to get a normal reading.

I wouldnt go with vinegar...
its an acid fool.

I would say just drink LOADS of water to flush the drugs out of your body.

a true belief in God

Nothing will mask the meth. You'll test dirty for 4 days after you use it. Look up "Hightimes" magazine in google. I'm sure find more info for this there.

Chelsea ツ
Not doing them possibly. Avoid bad influences and connect with people who can support you.

I have heard that vinegar will do that, however I dont really think it does. ♥

Once I was in Illinois and watched a car blow up. They had a portable meth lab in there car. It was wild. Everybody died. Just thought I'd share that with you.

Yeah! Drink a lot of it! It'll look so good you throwing up and all with all those sores on your face and body! Dude! Only time and water(to wash it out with your urine) will get that stuff outa your system!

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