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Does urine help cure acne?
I've heard that it helps athlete's foot and I've tried that before. But recently I had a break out and I've been urinating on my face. I FEEL like I notice a difference. But maybe not. Is it in my head or does urine really help my acne?

James Bond
technically, it doesn't..mythically, mabe

kim sam soon
human discharges excessive vitamin c throgh urination, maybe thats why it cured ur acne because ur body disposed lot of VitaminC, but if u lack it and use urine in ur face, i think ur condition will get worse

You dont' have to urinate on your face. Yes I've heard that urea, a constitute in urine does help clear acne. And this urea is in some of your over the counter acne produts .. So look at the ingrediants.

Please the webpages for more details on acne.

sorry but i don't think so dude

cheerio monster
I have heard people say this. ew. the rational is that your urine (your OWN urine...not someone else's...whoever is talking about baby pee) is sterile to your body. An astringent would serve you better and is way less gross. ew.

Keep urinating on your face for 6 months and you see a good result by the way don't wash it and keep it as long as you can

Judas Rabbi
No it doesn't

yup, its could be.......
and also can disappear your toothache
plizz try it

Rhinoceros Urine is a sure cure ! Get a big bucket of it and submerge your head until you feel dizzy. HINT : Do not try to breath while your head is in the bucket.
I hope this will also cure your stupidity !

lol maybe you FEEL like its helping because your washing the urine off your face ei washing your face. If bad soak a towel in hot water and place it over your face for about 15 min keeping it warm if it cools off put more hot water over it. It'll open up the pores in the skin and then use a face wash proactive is supposed to be the best but I use daily face wash by clearasil. The whole urine cures crap is because of the amonia in it, most of the "cures" are just urban mythe cures, like the jelly fish sting thing.

Ew. Even if it did that's GROSS. Welcome to civilization, we are big on NOT PEEING ON OURSELVES.

who cares? you pee on your face!!! Zits are a step up!!!!

No, you drink your urine if you are in a desert lost and not near water. It is spit that works on acne. Like a dog/cat licks a cut on himself and then it is healed. Your spit does the same thing, how it works I don't know but it does. Also try a wet teabag, teabags draws out pus etc. I use it for eye cyst's and it works also.

I heard that it takes care of athlete's foot but not acne. eeeeewwww you pissed on your face...Yuk!!!

no. urine dont help . go to your local pharmacy .ask for 10. o6.. this will clear them up very fast and it costs lessthan.15. dollars. /

baby urine is good for baby's face adults no way

Yes, keep peeing and watch the girls come a-runnin!


you are on the right track .just persevere

good knower
i can get the trick done, but not as quickly as poop. poop that has hit toilet water doesn't work as well as pooping right on your face, and sprinkling it in with your dinner works the best. if you feel bad about having acne, pick on someone retarded.

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