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Does steroid shots make you gain weight?

P. K.
If your doctor has perscribed them, You should have been informed of possible side effects. And if you are obtaining them illegaly for body building, well,, is that not the reason you would risk yourself with unperscribed meds?

Queen Bee
I've heard that they do.

Yes but you need to do Strength Training Look at the Olympics
Steroid use is really a turn off to them and they go and take metals after that...I feel it is an enhancement drug like fake breast only it traces to you muscles and nerves and it is a trace to your urine to tell you are on them. It never leaves to system...
How uncool for those who can not afford them Yet cool for the athletes who are in pain and have to get on the feel and rip the healing to support tickets bought by fans who want to see them.
To be on steroid or not on steroid that is the question.
I did them for my ankle and I feel no pain. Thank God for them and when I lost my eye in MS I had a strong steroid and it kind of fizzled out like DR Dre video. I had to get it adjusted...to clear my system.
All in all weight gain is a part of the Side Effects and that can be beaten too.

They say any prolonged use of steroids in any form will cause weight gain.

sylvia a
they are extremely dangerous to your health and should only be used with medical supervision ans advice.
They can bring about heart attacks and strokes

Murphy H
Yes it makes you eat a lot and gain weight i know because it happen to me the doctor try to tell me i was to little an he took it on himself to give me steroid in a pill and i thought it was something to help my back. He did not say it would make you gain weight .so all i am saying i had to learn the hard way.

Catriona S
Yes. Steroids generally cause one to 'bulk up'.

Isabella T
oh yeah! But it is muscle not fat.

Roy M

mum of 2
yes they do

Yes after a long time

Yes IF you are building muscle mass, that is if you are exercising too.

stack it up then down then stop it

eat well exercise and rest too

for muscle aches drink a glass of water with one table spoon of baking soda, to buffer the PH in your muscles.


they have me i have to have them for my back


yes , depending on dose and how long taken

They will also increase your appetite and cause you to overeat.


Pamela V
YES! I gained 100 lbs on Predinizone for Rheumatoid Arthritis! I am off of it now Thank God and The DR. now has me on another med. and I've lost 20 lbs so far.

yes..among other health issues

John B
I've never shot a steroid.

Some yes but there is a lot tip of steroid.
It is use in medical and some was use in sport.

Monika S
Just have a look at this link:

Water Weight

Last time i checked, no.

amber p
yes!! when my 7 yr old daughter was 3wks old she became very ill and had to take them for nearly a year and a half ,she constantly gained weight even today she is pretty thick. the doctor says that is a long term effect to taking them!!


While your question is vague and awkward at best. Here's my small take on it.

Steroids do allow for weight gain, but not in the mannerism you're accustomed to. You're not going to take a shot of testosterone today and grow a beer belly tomorrow (or Arnold Biceps ). The way steroids promote weight gain splits into 3 segments:

1) Increase water retention due to bloating (+weight)
2) Aromatization, the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogen, which causes the above #1 to happen and #2a to happen:
--->2a) Fat gain due to higher estrogen levels from aromatization
3) Muscle gain from higher nitrogen balances, better protein matabolism and, of course, higher testosterone levels

Conclusion: Water retention, fat gains, muscle gains

So what can we do about all this?

1) Increase water intake, lower sodium intake, add potassium supplements
2) Add aromatase inhibitors (AIs) to your cycle. This will prevent the aromatase from the T->E conversion.

Dosages will vary on your particular cycle…

-->2a) prevent aromatization and fat gain will stop (assuming you diet is in check)

3) Keeping a high protein diet, with 50p/30c/20f should ensure steady and lean muscle gains.

If you want to know more about diets , weight gain and anything related, visit these forums:


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