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Does anyone know a good way to quit smoking?
i'm 26 & its been 8 years since i started smoking.

Yes, meet someone with lung cancer or emphasema

Have you tried gum and a punching bag. When you have a craving chew gum. If the craving is driving you crazy punch the bag.
Do you have children? This got my dad to stop smoking. He was told that if he continued smoking he would continue to risk his kids to be disfigured, with mental problems, and with continuous health problems. He quit on the spot. He still feels that he quit too late because I have sensitive lungs.

participate in as many physical activites as you can... eat healthier... everytime you crave a cig, punish yourself by doing pushups... trust me, you'll get tired doing pushups...

I had your problem. I tried most everything. What actually worked was, I mentally put a pack of ciggs in one hand and my "man hood" in the other and asked myself which weighed the most. In other words, man or mouse. Cold turkey...of course you only need to stop for one hour,,,,,,,,,,at a time.

A guy who cant fall outta love
Think of all the bad things about it and write them down on a paper in a paragraph. Have someone read it to you as you think about those things, and when you're convinced not to smoke, buy a pack of that gum that helps you quit.

*throw away your cigarettes, ash trays, lighters, matches, etc.
*try your best....
*if you can´t.... buy some nicotine gum or patches
*don´t go to places where people smoke until you manage to control the need.... I know it´s not easy but you can do it......

No one
No way is a good way except "cold turkey." I quit 26 years ago after having smoked for 25 years. I was smoking 3-4 packs a day and could barely breathe. My doctor told me he could give me medication to mask the symptoms, but in 3 years I would be a weekly patient of his and in 5 years I would be dead. That did it!! I never touched another cigarette again. Just stop, handle the withdrawal, and you will be glad you did!!

Good luck!!

Most people who are successful (have quit for a year or longer) did it cold turkey. If the cravings get to you, then the patch, gum or lozenge are very helpful. Hang in there, most people have to try 3-4 times before they get over it.

I'm That Chic For Ya... Man
They say it takes 7 or more times, usually, to quit smoking. In my mom's case, all she had to do was go to the doctor, they told her she had a lump on her throat or something, and she quit cold turkey. I hope it doesn't take something like that to happen to you to get you to realize you are commiting a slow suicide. Try the nicctine gum, chew it as hard as possible. Use the patch as often as they tell you. Really commit, that's all you can do because it's your choice whether you want to live longer, for your family's sake, and for your own sake. Good luck!! I wish you the best...

Hypnosis worked for me.

Irving B
Cold Turkey..... Plus discover what tobacco smoke really tastes like. When you crave a cigarette by all means light up; but before you take that next puff, rinse your mouth out with a solution of baking soda and water. This neutralizes the tastes buds and gives you the true taste, and it is enough to boost your will power to quit the habit.

Melissa F
Welplex. I did it almost 5 months ago, and I haven't started back. I also wasn't cranky during the "withdrawal" phase, and I don't miss it. I referred several people at work to get it done, and they've all done it with the same result. It's pretty expensive, but it REALLY works. Always before when I would try to quit, I would want a cigarette so badly that I would actually believe I was going to die if I didn't have one. I didn't feel like that AT ALL with Welplex. In fact, I barely missed them at all, even the first week. I smoked for 12 years, at least a pack or pack and a half a day.

tried it all
I smoke and have been trying to quit. I have used the nicatrol filters. But I always seem to start back. no willpower! More power to both of us
And to all you nonsmokers. You have no idea how hard it is to quit. It is no different than an overwieght person trying to lose wt. Or an addict trying to quit drugs. EVERYONE has a bad habit, why dont you try to stop yours

Jenny A
yes----------------don't start.

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