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 I smoked weed for the 1st time the other day.. is there a safe n fast way for me to flush the drugs out?
Yeah ok I know that ur not suppost to do drugs..

But I smoked weed for the 1st time the other day..

And now I am looking for a job.. So this means drug testing

So is ...

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either pranic, crystal or others as such....

 Do you think I'll pass a drug test?
First off, please don't preach to me about your anti-pot opinions. For those who would know about pot, I need advice.

I'm an occasional pot smoker. I've smoked maybe 11 ...

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 Are there any alternative medicines to treating glaucoma?
Thanks... Preasure in my eyes has reached at least 37 i know.
Additional Details
One of the side effects of the eye drops i have to ...

 Need energy!!!!!?
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Does any1 find the Pepto - Bismol Jingle ADDICTING?
I sing it all the time when I am bored. I sing it in the schoolyard with my friends and ppl think we are cazy.

I don't know about addicting, but I think it is really funny.


Reggie Bush Baby
Yeah its funny...

big foot
yes very, but now the jingle 4 advantage flea meds. is now my fav, ```````WELL THERE MAY B BUGS ON SOMMA U MUGS,BUT THERE AINT NO BUGS ON ME!!!!!!!!

Yeah it's catchy

no, i think that the alcaseltzier tune is addicting, "plop plop fiz fiz oh what a relief it is"

Not really, but did you know that BISMUTH the main ingredient in Pepto , and is also the main ingredient in many make up products?? Especially products for smoothing lines and wrinkles, powder, lipsticks....

no i think its gay

nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!

Teddy Bear
Oh god...That is sooo annoying..

Cathryn E.
Alright, then. I believe I am one of the ppl who thinks you are crazy...

grace o
yes I do.

Itz almost EGG!
I DO!!! it is obnouxious ( I love that word!) but so addicting!

Unfortunately YES.

I can study for a test for days and forget the content yet

Nausia, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea!!!! LOL

Go to www.peptobismol.com You can actually create your own dance. hehehe

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